Here’s Why Your Sales Emails and LinkedIn Messages Aren’t Working

Your sales emails and LinkedIn messages suck. They’re annoying. They make me want to mark you as spam, not talk to you. You probably think it’s a numbers game. And you’re right: as long as you think it’s a numbers game, that gives you an excuse to suck at it, and your numbers will be super low. And if you treat everyone you email or message the same, and if you don’t get interested in how to get a better response from people: Your numbers will continue to suck. You will give yourself and your company a bad name. You […]

10 Reasons Why Retargeting Ads Are a No-Brainer For Your Business

Here’s the deal. Most of your future customers are not buying from you. It’s true. Every day you are missing out on 99% of your potential customers. You read that right — 99%! Even worse, when you’re not getting people to buy, your competitors are getting those sales and that revenue and those customers. We’re not just fear-mongering here. We’re talking straight data. Most websites and e-commerce sites convert about 1% of their first-time visitors. 99% don’t buy. So… Are you freaking out yet? Don’t worry – there’s a solution to your problem. It’s called retargeting. What is retargeting? Good question. […]

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5 Quick Tips To Get More Out of Your Facebook Posts

Are you posting on Facebook, but not getting enough out of it? Want more brand exposure? More interaction? More website traffic? Then you’ll enjoy these 5 quick tips! Facebook Post Tip #1: To Get More of EVERYTHING… Run ads. And I don’t mean boost posts. Get into the Facebook Ad Manager and create post promo ads to show your posts to more people. If no one sees them, no one interacts, no one clicks, nothing else happens! The main benefit of running post promo ads from Ad Manager is that you’ll learn how to get really affordable exposure and interaction, […]

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The Biggest Mistake Marketing Strategists Make

The biggest failure of consultants that only do marketing strategy: If they’ve never done implementation they haven’t seen what works and what doesn’t. Get someone who’s done it! If they used to implement and now do strategy, there’s a good chance their ideas are at least several years out of date. Get someone who does it now! Marketing strategists don’t have access to companies doing working strategies right now. They attract companies that are doing it wrong, and they only see outlier case studies of strategy that the media and bloggers write about. Get someone with their own data on […]

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Why Facebook Pages are the DUMBEST Strategy for Lead Generation

Some people ASSUME that, “The best way to do Facebook marketing is through fans and pages.” It’s not. Fan-oriented marketing was one of the main Facebook marketing strategies for years, but eventually most people realized that fans don’t always respond the way you want, and might not be your best new customer prospects. The good news is: you don’t have to market to your fans. There’s a better way. The main problem is organic (non-advertising) visibility. Once you get fans, not enough of them see your posts to make it worthwhile. You have to advertise to your fans to reach […]

Gen Z Jobs, Advertising and Social Media Behavior

Gen Z is coming. Gen Z is here. Millennials have been a big challenge to employers, just as every new generation is. We are still grappling with that, and now Gen Z is coming right behind them. Who are they? How are they different? I don’t want to make the mistake with Gen Z many made with Millennials. It took a decade to overcome bad Millennial stereotypes and accept that everyone is unique. Let’s stick to the facts and treat everyone like a real person. Also, Gen Z is young (anyone born from 1997 on), and when looking at any […]

Facebook Still Has More Young People Than Instagram… In EVERY Age Group

It seems like every time I talk to someone about Facebook, they talk about how young people are leaving it for Instagram or Snapchat. That may be true. If they go to Instagram, as a marketer, I’m fine with it. We can still market to them on Instagram itself and via the Facebook Ad Manager. But have the YOUTHS really left Facebook? Who knows. So, I thought I’d take a look at the data and find out! The results might shock some of you… Is Facebook Only For Old People? Let’s take a look at how many people are on […]

5 Reasons Facebook Ads Outperform Instagram Ads

Facebook hasn’t had the best year so far, have they? The Cambridge Analytics data scandal, rumors of youth departing Facebook for Instagram & Snapchat, the fact that Instagram seems new & exciting… You can’t blame people for wondering if Facebook is over and Instagram might be the new thing, can you? Is Facebook marketing over or is Instagram marketing better? If so, how should we market on Instagram? What’s All The Hype About Instagram? People love the idea of Instagram marketing because: You can advertise on Instagram though the Facebook ad platform, one of the two best ad platforms in the […]

How People Are Creating Social Media Sales & Profits

Are you ready to get more from your social media than just awareness and engagement? Are you dissatisfied with not knowing social media’s impact on your organization’s bottom line? Do you want to join the organizations and marketers who are developing business with social media marketing? Then you’ll love this article, which covers how top marketers are driving and tracking sales and profits with social media marketing in 2018. The State of Social Media Results Recent surveys of marketers and CMO’s tell us that many companies have not yet solved many basic social media marketing problems: Marketing executives rate their integration […]

2018 Marketing Director Survey Part 2/2

If you aren’t aware of it, some amazing people have been putting out a great survey for a number of years. It’s called The CMO Survey, and it asks marketing directors, VP’s of marketing and others key questions to figure out what’s going on with marketing and where we’re headed. We wanted to bring more awareness not just to the great work done by Christine Moorman, her team and those at Deloitte, Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, and the American Marketing Association, but also to the trends uncovered by the latest survey. We, of course, had some of our own opinions and insights to […]