superhero socks with Brian and Lynda wearing chef hats

We help clients with multiple types of content marketing:

Landing Pages

We create custom landing pages to improve lead and sale conversions. Quick to produce, several versions of new offers or creative ideas can be split-tested for best result before the page is added to your website.

Social Posts

We create unique posts to drive huge engagement and awareness with your specific customer. Boost organic search traffic. Retarget prospects who engage for leads and sales.

Bonnie is a bit dogmatic about post aesthetics making her a great Canine-Content Quality Control Officer.

Lynda gets our bovine content at the source…

…while Brian consults with an equine associate.


Well-designed Ebooks are exciting and readable. They educate potential customers AND trigger an emotional response guiding them into relationship with you. assist potential customers while triggering an emotional response- cultivating a relationship with you.


Whitepapers are objective, credible and persuasive. The goal is to prove rationally that your company is the better choice.

Animated Explainer Video

Animated videos with music and voiceover make a positive impression, simplify complicated concepts, and hammer home the benefits of your offer. You approve each step: our outline, the script, the animation, the voiceover, and the music.

Quick Persuasive Videos

Short, high-impact videos created to engage, sustain brand awareness, and persuade viewers to become customers.

Where Brian gets his inspiration.

Note: We no longer collaborate with bears, they found Brian’s communication style a tad aggressive.


We interview your internal experts, marketers and salespeople to create posts that are informative, inspiring, highly shareable and, most importantly, bring your prospects closer to the buying decision. We make sure your company has evergreen versions of the five fundamental blog post-types for years of ROI.