How to become an SEO reseller (and why you should)

How to Become an SEO Reseller (and Why You Should)

If you’re a marketing agency or an individual consultant, you might have wanted to provide search engine optimization (SEO) services to one of your clients—but you either didn’t know how to execute a campaign, or you didn’t have the resources to do it properly. SEO is an incredibly popular digital marketing strategy, and for good […]

Advertising Trends, April 2020: Now Is The Best Time to Advertise

What are we finding with digital advertising during these weird and difficult times? Now is the most affordable time to advertise in 5-10 years. We’re seeing unheard of low CPMs. If you’re open for business and can afford it, you should advertise! Some recent findings looking at the last week of data compared to the […]

7 Keys to Adapting Your Business to What’s Happening Right Now

Hi, I hope you and yours are safe and well during this COVID-19 crisis. And that this post helps you! These are difficult times. While many people are literally risking their lives as front-line medical workers, grocery store employees, first responders and more, many others are out of work, and still others are able to […]

10 Critical Items for Your Next Marketing Plan Audit

When’s the last time you had your marketing plan audited by an outside expert? You do have a marketing plan, right? Why would you need an audit? Sometimes an organization’s ideas can get a bit stale, over time A company can develop an echo chamber in their own culture, and convince themselves of things that […]

10 Reasons You’re Not Getting More Business

Do you want more new business? Let’s face it- if you’re not getting new business, you’re at risk. The existing customers could dry up. A recession could hit. Who knows what could happen! So, if your new business growth is not where you’d like it to be, what’s wrong? Here are 10 things that could […]

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Which Social Platform Is Right For Your Next Video Marketing Campaign?

Are you thinking about marketing with video in social media, but not sure which platform will get you the best results for your videos? Well, you’re on the right track and asking the right questions because… Customers LOVE Video: 85% of Americans watch videos online. [comScore] 45% of people watch more than 1 hour of Facebook or […]

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11 Shocking Sales Facts for 2020

It’s 2020 and a lot of companies are already launching their new fiscal years. Are you up-to-date on your selling strategies? You don’t want to fall behind. You want to get ahead, right? So let’s look at really working today in sales. What’s helping? And what’s outdated? We took a look at the stats and […]

7 New Facebook Ad Insights You Need to Know Today

Are you up to date with the most cutting edge practices for Facebook ads? These are some of our biggest insights in Facebook advertising. These are the things that we’ve learned , having done Facebook ads for over 150 clients. Some of them are best practices that effective advertisers embrace, and some are new insights and changes […]

5 Disturbing But Avoidable Causes of Expensive Online Leads

For business development, lead generation is key. And online leads are a great choice, whether you’re just trying to grow your newsletter of consumers to market to (B2C), or you’re selling directly to businesses (B2B). A few facts for you: 85% of B2B marketers say lead generation is their most important content marketing goal  According […]

5 Signs You Need A Digital Marketing Plan Refresh

I hope you have a digital marketing plan. If you don’t, it’s time…. Even if you do have a digital marketing plan: Is it complete? Is it up-to-date? Is it on par with what your competitors are planning? Have you had any new, outside ideas recently? What are you missing? Here are 5 signs you […]