Behind the Scenes Content: 3 Tips for Your Brand

Behind the Scenes Content: 3 Tips for Your Brand   Whether it’s showing off transformer repairs in your power company or the secret sauce bubbling away in a restaurant kitchen, behind-the-scenes content offers a powerful way to connect with your audience.  This glimpse into the inner workings of your brand can spark curiosity, build trust, and leave a lasting impression.  So here are 3 tips for behind-the-scenes content that’s truly engaging.   Storytelling Through Processes You want to weave storytelling into your content because it’s a seriously powerful way to connect with your audience. By showing the journey behind your products or […]

4 Tips for Effective Viral Marketing

Think of viral marketing as a marketing strategy that aims to create a buzz around a brand, product, or service by encouraging people to share it with their friends and family through various channels including social media, email, or word-of-mouth. Consequently, viral marketing can be a cost-effective way to reach a large audience and even build brand credibility and loyalty, but it requires careful planning, creativity, and a deep understanding of your target audience’s needs and preferences – whether you’re marketing cleaning services or children’s books. Here are some tips to make your viral marketing campaign more effective. Create Shareable […]

3 Tips For Marketing A Vacant Rental Property

If you own a rental property that you need to get filled fast, you’re going to want to have a few tricks up your sleeves when it comes to marketing your property and finding a qualified tenant. But for property owners who also have full-time jobs, families, and other responsibilities, you likely can’t or don’t want to be spending hours a day scouting for good tenants. Luckily, you can use good marketing strategies to help you in doing this. To show you just how this can be done, here are three tips for marketing a vacant rental property.  Ask For […]

3 Types of Social Media Ads Your Business Should be Running

Every business – insurance dispute litigation law firms, bakeries, jewelry stores, etc – knows by now to take advantage of digital advertising opportunities on major social media platforms. But with so many changes in the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing, it can be hard to keep up. What worked a few years ago may no longer be the best option for your business.  Here are three modern ad options you should consider if you want to take your digital advertising efforts to the next level.  Carousel Ads This type of ad is available on most major social media platforms and […]

3 Online Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur who owns or runs your own business or brand, you are already living the dream of so many people out there. However, you also know firsthand how stressful it can be. Not only are there uncertainties about your income, but also you have so much on your plate each and every day.  Whether you have a great team of people helping you out or you are doing everything on your own, you have a lot of responsibilities and this can become overwhelming at times. One of the most important things is marketing, so much of […]

3 Tips For Leaving A Voicemail As A Business

If you work for a business that could require you to leave a voicemail for your customers, clients, or patients, it’s vital that you know how to leave a proper, professional voicemail that will convey the information that you intend as well as increase the chances of you getting a callback, if that’s your intention.  To help you see how this can more easily be done, here are three tips for leaving a voicemail as a business.  Determine If You Should Use A Script Whenever you make a business phone call, there’s always a chance that you could be required […]

4 Landing Page Content Flaws to Avoid

Think of your landing page as the gateway to your website. When you have a high-quality, engaging landing page that is optimized for conversions, it’ll drive more leads and sales for your business. But when it’s poorly designed and full of content flaws, it’ll be difficult to capture customer interest and engage with them. Admittedly, the former is easier said than done. Here are 4 common mistakes to avoid when creating your landing page content. Writing Text That’s Too Long and Unfocused One of the biggest mistakes you can make when writing landing page content is writing too much text […]

3 Ways To Be A Better Leader At Work

Whether you’ve been put in a management position at work or you just have people on your team who look up to you and view you as a mentor or role model, there are always things that you could be doing to help you become an even better leader.  To help you see just what these things are and show you how you can improve your team in all aspects, here are three ways that you can be a better leader at work.  Be A Source Of Empowerment Being a leader doesn’t just mean that you’re telling people what to […]

Here are 4 Flaws in Your Email Marketing Strategy

Failing to Tailor the Tone to Your Audience When it comes to email marketing, there’s no tone format that’s set in stone. Instead, just as you would take care with the way you speak to someone in person, it’s important to think about the tone of your email correspondence.  You wouldn’t want to come across as too formal or too casual depending on the demographic the emails will be addressed to. For instance, if your primary audience is the elderly residents of assisted living facilities, avoid using slang or overly technical language.  Alternatively, if your target demographic is teenagers, use […]

Elements Of A Well-Built Business Website 

If you want to draw the attention of web users to your business, then you have to work to develop a well-rounded digital approach.  No one online marketing tool will help better than a well designed business website.  Your business website serves as a foundation for the whole of your digital presence.  People will go to your website for information, for connection, and for purchases.  It’s up to your business to present a finished product that is proficient at serving your consumer base online.   Here is a brief overview of some of the most important elements of a well-built business […]