Why Sending Cold Emails For New Business Actually Works

Not many things are more controversial in the marketing world than cold email. “You mean SPAM?!” No, actually, we have laws like CAN-SPAM, CCPA, CASL and GDPR that are very specific about when and where and how you can email new contacts without it being spam or illegal. In most of the U.S., you can email anyone as long as you include a street address and an unsubscribe option. “But have they opted in?” Right, if it’s an opt-in list, those are people you’ve already done some marketing to (even if they just viewed your website), so that’s not a […]

NEW BLOG POST: Why “NEW” is Killing Your Business

HEY. Words sell. Some words grab your attention so hard they give you whiplash. LOOK. Certain words wipe your memory of what you were working on before. They reprioritize everything else. They take precedence. NEW. The ironic thing is: if you want profits, you need something old and proven. But old is not sexy. Profits should be sexy but they’re not. Cash is sexy, I guess. NEW. But somehow a new feature, a new platform, a new book, a new course hijacks your brain and kills everything else you were working on before. NEW. For example, email marketing and google ads […]

Digital Marketing Tools For Your Business

If you’re looking to build a more comprehensive digital marketing campaign, you need to know what tools you have at your disposal.  Understanding what you have to work with will grant you a more versatile ability to market your business online.   Lucky for you, everything you need to know can be found with the right search inquiry online.  Start by checking out a few digital marketing tools for your business.  Here is a quick look at some of the most influential ways to craft a winning digital marketing campaign.   Podcast advertising  Branch your marketing efforts out with podcast advertising to […]

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What We Learned From Cold Emailing 175,000 Sales Prospects during COVID-19

Cold emailing is exciting to me right now. It works to drive new business. Even during a pandemic. And you can do it above-board (which is certainly easier in the U.S., outside of California). What’s “cold emailing”? It means emailing new people for the purposes of letting them raise their hands if they’re interested in your offering. It’s a sales email.  Done right, most people welcome them, or at worst ignore them. Done wrong, and you can create ill will, get your domain blacklisted, or even be subject to federal or state penalties. Over the last 6 months, we’ve been […]

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LinkedIn InMail vs. Email for Recruiting and Staffing

Since we’ve been working with email marketing, especially in the recruiting and staffing space, we’ve heard a number of people say they use LinkedInⓇ InMail to find new candidates. And some of those that are recruiting/staffing companies also use LinkedInⓇ InMail to find new clients. We also hear their complaints about LinkedInⓇ, and their lack of results. Frankly, it makes sense to us that they aren’t getting the results they want on LinkedInⓇ. And I say this as someone LinkedInⓇ has endorsed and who wrote a book on LinkedInⓇ for business development. I’ve tested LinkedInⓇ extensively against other platforms and […]

4 Biggest Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Guest Post! Marketing your business is an essential part of finding customers. A strong campaign will help connect you with the right people who will get a buzz going about your business. However, not all marketing is created equally. It’s important that you put the right kind of marketing efforts forward if you hope to reap the benefits.  Above all, it’s important that you avoid some of the most damaging mistakes. Take a look at some of the most important errors that you should steer clear of when marketing your business.  Lack Of Research  A critical part of marketing is […]

How Social Networking Saved This Introvert’s Life

Hey. Are you an introvert? Me, too! Pleased to meet you. In our favorite way: digitally! Does social networking make business easier for introverts? It’s made it easier for this introvert. Growing up I was shy and bullied. I’m sure one of you just said, “Awwwww.” Thank you. I never had those early confidence-building sports experiences. I was short. Even though I was pretty awesome at dodge-ball, I was always picked last. I was the thoughtful, quiet, little blonde kid. Never smiling. What was there to smile about? Always knew when you were looking at me. Hated eye contact. Didn’t know what to say when you […]

How to Go Viral and Sell More with Memes

[Originally posted on Amazing.com] Many companies go after engagement in social media. Others go directly for sales. If you can get both engagement and sales at the same time, that’s the holy grail. In this post, we’ll talk about both, using a type of post that not everyone has already worn out. Engagement itself is valuable because it: Grabs Customer Attention: Many companies spend millions just on reach and exposure, but it’s hard these days to grab and hold attention, and the competition just for attention is fierce. Starts a Conversation: Engagement proves you not only got customer attention, but interest, which is one […]

Facebookize: 7 Ways REALLY Adapting To Facebook Will Revolutionize Your Organization

Most companies have not fully adapted to Facebook. That’s one reason why it frustrates them so much. But also, they miss out on a lot of benefits. What can Facebook marketing teach you about more effective marketing, sales and product and service creation? A lot! The Promise of This Post: I guarantee you that if you are thorough with the Facebookize process I describe below: It will dramatically improve your Facebook marketing results (I’ve seen it triple post interactions and website clicks) It will revolutionize how you think about your customers. It will lead to improved ideas for products, services and marketing. It will filter down […]

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5 Secrets for B2B Lead Generation in 2020

Do you want to get more business-to-business leads so that you can grow your new business pipeline and increase sales? Interested in hearing the latest greatest tips and secrets in B2B lead generation? Then this post is for you!