BRIAN CARTER is a bestselling author and keynote speaker with 19 years’ experience achieving marketing, sales and customer service results for companies of all sizes in every industry.

Would you rather hear proven processes, or unproven theories? Brian knows what works, because he’s consulted with and implemented marketing for hundreds of companies.

His hands-on business experience, cutting-edge insights, and background in improv and stand-up comedy culminate in a keynote speaker and trainer who leaves every audience not only entertained, but motivated and armed with powerful strategies and tactics.

“You were the perfect choice.”

“Brian received rave reviews and definitely knows his stuff. If you’re looking for a speaker and want someone who is engaging, humorous and relates well with an audience, then Brian’s your guy! He’s also a pleasure to work with!”

Brian’s energetic and engaging talks deliver…

  • Motivational insights and clean original humor
  • A high-impact experience with the specific tools your audience needs to succeed
  • Practical takeaways proven to produce business results

You choose how much or how little laughs, tips and motivation he delivers. Brian knows your event and audience is unique. He’ll customize a program for your event and goals that’ll leave you smiling and get exceptional feedback from the audience.

Brian was chosen by IBM as one of their Futurists, is one of LinkedIn’s “Top 25 social media experts you need to know,” and one of Inc’s top 25 Social Media Keynote Speakers you should know.

Brian speaks about the following topics. Scroll down to see specific speeches.

“Phenomenal speaker. Personable, informative and downright entertaining. I’d hire him back in a second.”

“Brian is an engaging and entertaining speaker. We hired him to speak to over 200 Marketers on the use of social media and his take on the topic was not only timely, but also fun!”

keynote speaker Brian Carter being interviewed onstage by Terri Daniels, CCA Global

Brian’s Keynote Topics

Zombies, Babies & Bacon! How to Attract & Retain More of Your Best Customers By Hacking Their Brains With Social Data (SOCIAL MEDIA & MARKETING)

Eruption Not Disruption: How to Bulletproof Your Business and Attract More Customers & Employees (SOCIAL MEDIA & MARKETING)

Shift Happens: How to Manage Through Digital Change While Retaining Employees and Boosting Productivity (TECHNOLOGY & MARKETING)

E-Leadership: Modern Communication Skills for the Today’s Managers & Executives (TECHNOLOGY, MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP)

Generate More: The ABC of What Generations XYZ (and Baby Boomers) Want! (MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP)

Not sure? Contact us and we’ll guide you to the right topic for your needs!

What Meeting Planners & Audiences Say

“From the first phone call, Brian distinguished himself with not only his knowledge of the subject, but by beginning detailed research on the audience that he would be presenting to and their unique needs. After talking with a representative group of people from his eventual audience and outlining a game plan, he came back and refined the presentation with this knowledge and with additional notes from us as well. This presentation was to a widely varied group of marketing professionals who were not only entertained but all walked away with a sense of empowerment and information about the rapidly changing media landscape they have to work in.”

“When we were looking to hire an external speaking for an internal conference I didn’t hesitate to recommend Brian and he did not disappoint. I have had the pleasure of seeing Brian speak at marketing conferences in the past and was very impressed with his content and ability to deliver an impactful message in a fun and interesting way. He is truly one of the leaders in social media marketing and his insights provided the teams actionable concepts to bring to 2014 planning. We had a blast. Thanks, Brian!”

“Brian delivered a high energy keynote address to our group over the past weekend. His message gave our retailers actionable facts, ideas and concepts they can implement in their own businesses. His sense of humor kept our audience engaged and entertained. He took the fear out of digital marketing with relevant real world stories and examples of his concepts in action. I would highly recommend Brian as speaker who brings both relevant content and a very entertaining and engaging style to the stage.”

“Outstanding presentation at our show! Brian definitely has our customers thinking differently. His ability to bring a complex task of online business presence down to very easy executable steps made everyone there comfortable and intrigued during the entire presentation. Brian lays out a simple plan that can help any size business become a gorilla in their marketplace utilizing free and low cost solutions. He provides direction as to where business owners can focus their marketing dollars to get the most visitors / exposure to their website. From the customers I spoke to that attended his seminar, there were motivated to make their business different after hearing Brian speak. Outstanding work Brian!!”

“Fantastic, informative and FUNNY! Thank you for delivering such a perfect blend of Facebook and LinkedIn ideas for lead gen.”

“Thank you again for the excellent presentation and you had me hooked when you started to show the ROI results.”

“Brian has been amazingly helpful to us at Content Marketing Institute, from his insights into Facebook and social, to his superb performance at our annual event Content Marketing World. Brian has the gift of identifying problems quickly and helping companies and individuals understand them to take action.”

“The perfect balance of content and humor to create an engaging and informative presentation. Instead of just a pre-packaged speech, Brian did his homework, spoke to our audience and customized the presentation around our specific goals and challenges. The audience was not only engaged but diligently taking notes so they could act on the information presented.”

Brian Carter speaks

“Great education session today with Brian Carter; picked up some good tips.”

“Brian was entertaining, enlightening, educational and practical. Our nonprofit association executives  gave him a perfect score for relevance and value. I recommend Brian as a presenter.”

“Brian Carter hit it out of the park today! He was the perfect choice for our members and all coaches, volleyball admins and staff.”

“This might have been the best I’ve ever attended.”

“Having hired him to speak at numerous conferences, I can personally attest to his deep knowledge, natural humor and charismatic teaching style. Brian’s ability to convey complex concepts with compassion, clarity and comprehension is truly remarkable and reassuring in an industry that is rife with change and inherently unpredictable.”

“Brian’s presentation was informative and entertaining.  Brian not only told us why we should start using social media for our business, he also showed us HOW to start using social media.  In less than one hour, we had a firm understanding of the major social media outlets, the advantages and disadvantages of each, how they work, how we can make them work for us, and how we can start using them immediately.  Brian’s presentation was a hit!”

“Brian not only knows his stuff… he’s also one of the funniest speakers I’ve ever seen.”

“Brian’s the real deal- an expert who’s engageable, articulate, friendly, approachable and likeable. He can relate to you at whatever level you’re at and bring you along.”

Kind words from a client

“Listening to Brian Carter discuss marketing and social media lead gen – this guy’s a genius! Learned so much in just under an hour. Quick and painless education.”

“We recently saw you in Dallas at the Keystone Big Show at your keynote address. Saying it was good and informative is an understatement.”

“Brian spoke at our conference this year and he was excellent. His presentation motivated and energized the audience about social media. The feedback has been extremely positive. I highly recommend Brian as a speaker.”

“Brian Carter is the gold standard of social networking. He’s one of the few folks I’ve worked with that “gets it”. He understands the target market, the vehicles and how to get from one to the other. If you are looking for a strategist as well as a tactician, Brian is your man.”

Audience members having a great time

“People should be listening to Brian Carter! I got more out of Brian’s keynote presentation at a recent conference I attended than all the other sessions. Knowledgeable and FUN, he provides actionable takeaways that I can use immediately for better results. And the best part was my CFO was in attendance and Brian was able to convince him too. It says a lot if you can get a numbers man on board with marketing strategies. Kudos, Brian, I will be following you on social media.”

“With his sense of humor and fresh content, Brian’s one of the more interesting and educational speakers I’ve ever seen. If you want a presenter that can entertain audiences, while also educating them on the latest techniques and trends in Internet marketing, then Brian is an excellent choice.”

“On point, knowledgeable, educational AND entertaining. This audience of showroom owners and managers are generally not marketing savvy and certainly not digital and social savvy. He masterfully presented the topic to an audience in an easy to understand and digestible way with a great deal of solid takeaways. I have heard nothing but extremely positive comments from the attendees.”

“Infotainment. It’s the one word I think of when I think of Brian. He packs a presentation full of information and pairs it with a clever wit which makes for a best of breed choice of speakers.”

“Brian does a great job taking a boring subject and spicing it up.”

“Brian is a very articulate speaker with perfect delivery and a great knack for humor.”

“Brian is a very talented presenter. Funny and knowledgeable … its a difficult combination to find! All in all, I give Brian an A+ after having seen him in action!”

“Several attendees approached us and agreed that Brian is one of the most dynamic speakers they have heard.”

“Applause broke out during the session as Brian interlaced comedy with tips for getting online results faster. Brian definitely engages his audience in a unique manner by drawing upon a wide level of expertise in online marketing and social media.”

“Brian has a great presentation demeanor that mixes humor with fact, statistics and examples that educates the saavy to the most amateur. I would recommend Brian as a speaker for any business or professional group that would like to know more about interactive tactics… good stuff!”

Brian Carter pointing to something offscreen

“Brian is an outstanding social media expert who has helped us shape and grow our organization’s online presence. His creative thinking has helped keep us one step ahead of our competition, and his unique style of delivery was well received while educating our business owners during our annual franchise meeting. He is one of a kind!”

“Brian is very easy to understand, interested in people and concerned about saving people money. The best Facebook value you can get! We love Brian!”

“We hired Brian to present a webinar on Facebook for Associations, and were extremely pleased with how it went. Great content; engaging, affable speaker who can think on his feet. A true expert in all things Facebook, we’re looking forward to – and already discussing – more future projects together. We recommend Brian as a top-notch social media presenter unreservedly and enthusiastically.”

“Brian also has the unique ability to keep his finger on the pulse of the marketing world and identify opportunities in their infancy. This has helped us deliver revenue-generating results for our clients from the newest tools and tactics.”

“Brian delivered a fantastic Out-Of-The- Box-Keynote at WBR’s B2B Connect, our exclusive, invite-only event for 75 senior eCommerce and Digital Marketing executives from some of the top US Manufacturers and Distributors. His talk received 5 stars out of 5, presented with great humor, while delivering important key takeaways. I would highly recommend him as a keynote speaker and hope to be working with him again in the near future.”

“Brian Carter is an amazingly knowledgeable person who provides great humor in his presentations. He is a guru who has a great ability to get across his information where everyone from the novice to the expert understands what he is saying and can learn from him. I’d recommend businesses to hire him and conferences to hire him as a speaker as you’ll be entertained as well as informed! He was so impressive and knowledgeable that my company at ended up partnering with Brian, virtually, for two Social Media for Business workshops.”