Beware the Facebook Ninja!

Lynda got into traditional bricks & mortar marketing in 1989 after setting, then meeting, what most folks considered pie-in-the sky revenue goals for for a private healthcare practice. She started marketing for healthcare in the mid-1990s to private and group practices and then schools, universities, and hospital departments.

She met Brian through a digital startup in 2000, and gradually became his student, learning SEO and Facebook advertising. She found the perfect outlet for creative skills, PhD studies in psychology, research and data analysis… plus a growing desire to work sitting down.

Since 2011 she’s been full-time Facebook — from strategy & campaign planning, audience targeting, analytics to social page management and ad creative & copywriting. The variety of clients and verticals combined with the continual evolution of Facebook’s ad platform means there’s never a dull moment! Nowadays Lynda does most of her standing work in Charleston theaters or tending the chickens!

Life is a banquet…and most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death.