Someone did their remarketing work and sold Brian a lot of blue checkered shirts!

Great retargeting brings prospective buyers back — over and over!

Don’t lose completely just because someone isn’t ready to buy today. That’s (what you’re doing, or) exactly what happens to companies without a strategic and customized remarketing plan.

Too often people treat remarketing as a back burner, run-on-autopilot program when in fact it’s the most important and cost-efficient way to reconnect with everyone who’s already come in contact with you or your brand.

Why Is Retargeting So Important?

People who’ve seen or heard about you before are LEADS. And whether they’re lukewarm or smoking hot, they’re far easier to convert into buyers than a new, cold, audience.

With a well executed, actively-optimized Remarketing Program we make the most of every hour and dollar you’ve already invested in marketing… milk that budget.

Growing, then nurturing, an audience we can retarget again and again via social, search or email will boost revenue now and pay dividends in future profits.

  • Who is a target to retarget?

    • Website and store visitors
    • Coupon claimers, promo participants & opt-in subscribers
    • Names, phone numbers, address or email contacts
    • The friends of your current customers
    • Post engagers, fans & followers, video viewers, blog readers
    • People who’ve seen your digital ads and their friends
  • What We Do

    • We leverage your available prospect and customer data,
    • create custom audiences,
    • make bushels of original creative personalized to a target’s level of familiarity and the remarketing platform or channel,
    • make sure multitouch tracking is is optimized,
    • start the campaigns, check analytics, keep testing to reach peak performance.
    • Break out the bubbly!