Getting Things Done (Video Interview) with David Allen

Just interviewed David Allen, author of Getting Things Done (2015 edition of book on amazon or barnes&noble | website) for my podcast, “Brian Carter’s Brain”! We spoke about productivity, flow, creativity, inspiration and content marketing. Watch it here:

Without This, Your Content Marketing Is Worthless

Well, to be more accurate, it should be “Without this, your content is wasted.” But I’ll tell you why I titled the blog post that way: sometimes, when people are thinking about creating content, they forget a really important part of marketing. They may not forget about persuading people. Or knowing their audience part. Or utility. Or entertainment. But they forget about that pesky distribution and visibility thing! I ask them: HOW are enough people going to SEE your new content? Here are some weak responses to that question and why they’re weak responses. Afterwards we’ll talk about how you can do better. “We email our content out.” So your […]

Your InfoProducts Empire: Copywriting and Infoproducts with Alyson Lex

A very pleasant and enlightening chat with Alyson Lex of Rock Your Marketing. Alyson Lex got her start working for two of the highest-paid and most sought-after copywriters and strategists in the biz, Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer. As the marketing manager for their company, Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, Alyson got a first-class education in all things direct response, marketing and copy. Recently, Alyson began working with coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, podcasters, bloggers, experts and info-marketers to create programs and products that SELL… copy and funnels that CONVERT… and kick-ass strategy to bring it all together into one Info-Empire. We talked […]

Robert Rose from Content Marketing Institute [Video Interview, StoryDNA] with Kathy Klotz-Guest

Kathy Klotz-Guest and I interview Robert Rose, the Chief Strategist for the Content Marketing Institute. He has a background in the entertainment biz, then the whole Silicon Valley startup thang… with an emphasis on great storytelling as a competitive advantage. AND… Robert is the author of The Seventh Era of Marketing.

Where to Get Your Next Awesome Marketing or Brand Idea

It’s a noisy world and a noisy marketplace. Content marketing is driving almost everybody to create more stuff. But you need to stand out to get attention for your products and services. And to stand out you need a great brand and great marketing ideas. Where do they come from? How can you reliably generate a lot more great ideas? Kathy Klotz-Guest, Gary Ware and I have found that the games and exercises from improv comedy can generate great marketing and branding ideas. That’s right, the same games that make you laugh when watching Whose Line Is It Anyway could power your next business […]

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Meeting Planners

Do you work on meetings, conferences, conventions, trade shows and exhibitions? You could dramatically improve your event results and exceed your event goals by leveraging more effective social media strategies. If you want bigger results at your events, follow these tips! In this post I’ll tell you how to use social media to: Get more people to register for your event Create more value for your sponsors and sell more sponsorship opportunities Boost attendance at sessions and mixers Get attendees more engaged during the event Get attendees to give you positive feedback you can use to tell a successful event story Note that I’ve recommended ways for you to […]

5 Best Practices That Drive Profits For Hosting Companies

It’s been an interesting and successful 12 months working with Microsoft and its hosting partners! Thanks to the amazing Derrick Wheeler, I was honored to be the social media keynote speaker at Microsoft’s Internal SEO conference last year. Since then I’ve create an ebook (see image on the right- available only within the Microsoft Partner Network) and a video with assessment for the Microsoft Partner Network. And then we embarked on a six company pilot program for our Digital Marketing in a Box launch program. The most successful have been those for whom we created an explainer video or whitepaper. […]

Brian Carter – Essential Reading

Hi! If you’re new to digital marketing or social media or just to Brian Carter, you ought to take a look at this “required reading” list. Things by Brian: . Free ebook: Contagious Content: What People Share on Facebook and Why They Share It – If you want to create Facebook posts that get shared like crazy, execute the takeaways from this research study on your own Facebook posts. Everything in Contagious Content is valid. Read it to get more likes and shares on your posts. Free ebook: The SuperPost Swipe File™ – The best posts we’ve ever run for […]

How To Write Copy & Content That Sells

Successful digital marketers test a lot of ideas. Which means they come up with a lot of ideas. Then have the discipline to go through multiple tests. It requires both creativity and organization. Conversely, we’re pretty much screwed when we get writers block, only have bad ideas, or get seduced into writing for engagement rather than sales. What Are Your Marketing Molecules? These days in digital marketing, we have several very similar things: Facebook or AdWords ads (10-12 words, <=90 characters) Blog post headlines (8-10 words) Corporate elevator pitches (up to 75 words) Unique selling propositions (18-22 words) Email subject lines (3-12 words), and […]

Is “Content Marketing” Really New?

Content marketing is the hottest area in digital marketing right now. But what is it? “Marketing” is communication with the intent to persuade and bring about a sale. “Content marketing” is marketing that uses content to persuade. “Content” includes: Videos Blog posts eBooks Webinars Whitepapers Research reports Infographics Podcasts Slide decks “Content marketing” is the use of content to persuade people to buy stuff. “Social media” always uses content (media is a synonym for content). “Social networking” can be simply interaction without content (media). You might say, “Wow, so content marketing is pretty much everything except verbal sales?” I’d reply, “Yep, content marketing is a […]