5 Recruiting Tips for 2019: How Find and Hire More Candidates and Employees

For the first time in history, there are more jobs than people to fill those jobs! Recruiters and HR are struggling because traditional approaches aren’t driving in enough job applicants, or the right job candidates, to solve the problem. Our marketing agency (BCG) has been working with a variety of brands for the last five […]

Retailers: The Top 10 Digital Strategies for Store Visits & Sales in 2020

Are you a retail store owner, manager or marketer? As you know, retail can be very challenging right now, because you’re competing against: Big Box money, scale and technology in the bricks and mortar world Ecommerce convenience, pricing, ubiquity, data and ad budgets from Amazon, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Wayfair and others. I’ve spoken […]

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out About What Teenagers Are Doing On Social Media

When we hear that teens are leaving Facebook for Snapchat and Instagram, we tend to jump to conclusions. We know that children are the future. But, does that mean that ALL of their habits will become NORMS later on? Is everyone going to leave Facebook?! Will middle aged people try to act like teenagers? Or […]

10 Ways to Avoid Getting Duped By Internet Con-Men

Not all con-men are obvious. Some of them are quite successful and well-regarded. But they’re still con-men. The best con-men… you’d never think of them as one. You’d never consider it. They go by different labels. Some con-men call themselves authors, teachers, marketers, salespeople and speakers. I once almost got sucked into a cult. I’ve […]

Here’s Why Your Sales Emails and LinkedIn Messages Aren’t Working

Your sales emails and LinkedIn messages suck. They’re annoying. They make me want to mark you as spam, not talk to you. You probably think it’s a numbers game. And you’re right: as long as you think it’s a numbers game, that gives you an excuse to suck at it, and your numbers will be […]

10 Reasons Why Retargeting Ads Are a No-Brainer For Your Business

Here’s the deal. Most of your future customers are not buying from you. It’s true. Every day you are missing out on 99% of your potential customers. You read that right — 99%! Even worse, when you’re not getting people to buy, your competitors are getting those sales and that revenue and those customers. We’re not […]

5 Quick Tips To Get More Out of Your Facebook Posts

Are you posting on Facebook, but not getting enough out of it? Want more brand exposure? More interaction? More website traffic? Then you’ll enjoy these 5 quick tips! Facebook Post Tip #1: To Get More of EVERYTHING… Run ads. And I don’t mean boost posts. Get into the Facebook Ad Manager and create post promo […]

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The Biggest Mistake Marketing Strategists Make

The biggest failure of consultants that only do marketing strategy: If they’ve never done implementation they haven’t seen what works and what doesn’t. Get someone who’s done it! If they used to implement and now do strategy, there’s a good chance their ideas are at least several years out of date. Get someone who does […]

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Why Facebook Pages are the DUMBEST Strategy for Lead Generation

Some people ASSUME that, “The best way to do Facebook marketing is through fans and pages.” It’s not. Fan-oriented marketing was one of the main Facebook marketing strategies for years, but eventually most people realized that fans don’t always respond the way you want, and might not be your best new customer prospects. The good […]

Gen Z Jobs, Advertising and Social Media Behavior

Gen Z is coming. Gen Z is here. Millennials have been a big challenge to employers, just as every new generation is. We are still grappling with that, and now Gen Z is coming right behind them. Who are they? How are they different? I don’t want to make the mistake with Gen Z many […]