Get Excited About Instagram Advertising!

A lot of people are excited about Instagram advertising, because Instagram is such a unique platform with a different user base than Facebook.

What many don’t know is that usually when people run Facebook ads, they are automatically running Instagram ads, which is simply considered a placement in the Facebook Ads Manager. And it’s often best to run all placements and let the platform’s data and algorithms control how many impressions your ad gets and what subsets of your audiences it goes to.

  • Why would you want to run Instagram ads?

    • Instagram is a younger user base than Facebook overall.
    • Instagram attracts people who are more visual than verbal.
    • Normal instagram posts can’t have links, so they don’t tend to drive much website traffic. If you want to drive affordable traffic with Instagram, it’s better to run ads, because each post and ad you run can have its own link right below it.
  • What happens if you run ads only on Instagram and not Facebook, too?

    • Often, Instagram ads are more expensive. Cost per click is higher than Facebook.
    • You may not get as much exposure. There are less impressions available on Instagram.
    • Sometimes, however, this does work better. It’s worth testing!

  • What else is different about Instagram?

    • The image size requirements are different than Facebook. But even if you’re running both at the same time, we can crop and size a unique image for Instagram in the same ad.
    • The maximum video length is different. Two minutes is the max on Instagram. On Facebook, your videos can be up to two HOURS long.

Hover over the Instagram ad examples below to see their super stats. If you’re considering a separate Instagram ad campaign, or a dual Facebook-Instagram ad campaign and want help, contact us today!

26% engagement rate • $0.02 cost per engagement

Instagram ad with a 26% engagement rate and a $0.02 cost per engagement

32% engagement rate

Instagram ad with a 32% engagement rate