We like to improve ad performance for clients using their current website or ecommerce cart, and that’s often what happens. But sometimes, the current website isn’t sufficient. Sometimes the website can block your forward progress as a business. That’s why there are situations that call for new, custom landing pages.

What are landing pages?

A landing page is simply a new, custom webpage we build to fit with your brand, as a destination for advertising traffic that helps us get more of your future customers to respond at lower advertising costs. As a result, you get more out of your ads, without increasing your ad spend.

Landing pages are used to:

  • Generate more new leads and sales
  • Explore new branding and messaging
  • Improve profits

How does all this get done?

New, custom landing pages can be quick and easy for us to launch for you, especially if WordPress is your website platform.

  • We use a third-party service to create new landing pages.
  • We build them to be consistent with your brand.
  • They look to the user like they’re on your normal website domain name, just like any other webpage on your site.

Usually the longest a new page takes to create is a couple of weeks. And we can get new versions of existing custom landing pages running much quicker than that.

Case Study: 3x Increase in New Customers, New Clients 67% More Affordable

When The Perfect Workout, a growing multi-location personal training franchise engaged the Brian Carter Group to grow their business with digital advertising, we needed new landing pages as soon as possible because the analytics showed us that their website wasn’t efficient at converting visitors to new customers. Unfortunately, their website also was not easy to change.

The CEO and Marketer Director were thinking about a website redesign, which was a great idea, but they also knew that:

  • Website redesigns can be a massive undertaking that require months to complete. We wanted to start getting better results right away.
  • Surprisingly, many newly redesigned websites perform worse. Analytics reveal within weeks of launch that the new website is less persuasive to customers.
  • Companies also often accidentally hurt their SEO with website redesigns and lose half or more of the free visitors they’re getting from Google.

Website redesigns can be risky and time-consuming.

We created new landing pages for The Perfect Workout because it helped us sidestep these obstacles and grow their business results faster.

The results? We started by helping them launch digital advertising as a new marketing channel, but we grew that into their biggest, most affordable source of profitable new business.

When Does a Company Need a Custom Landing Page?

  • When it takes weeks to create new pages: If you have technical or personnel bottlenecks that keep you from being able to start creating a new webpage today, and ultimately launch a new webpage two weeks or less, you may not be agile enough to grow and compete in today’s marketplace. The companies that are winning online are able to adapt and improve quickly.
  • When you can’t easily empower someone to create new webpages: If your website platform is inflexible or you need your website designer to handle the details… sometimes web designers are unavailable and you have to wait on them to move forward.
  • When your platform is unable to test multiple versions of webpages: Many website platforms are not built for performance improvements. If your website doesn’t have A/B or split-testing features, your performance will usually be lower, and your advertising costs higher. Our clients see a 5x improvement in leads and sales when we can deploy multiple versions of a new webpage to discover which one is more persuasive to customers.
  • When you want to go faster: If you want to quickly launch a new initiative, offer, or message quickly to see if it will boost business results.

The bottom line is that when you can’t deploy new webpages quickly, you can’t discover what’s most compelling to customers. Your cost per lead and cost per sale are higher than they need to be. You may fall behind the competition.

The Benefits of Landing Pages

As you might expect, landing pages:

  • Empower us to move quicker than most web designers.
  • Enable us to explore new ideas and increase business results faster.
  • Produce measurable improvements in your leads, sales and profits.

Case Studies

For The Perfect Workout, our landing pages and ads:

  • Lowered new business costs by 67%
  • Increased new business by 3x
  • Became their #1 source of new business

For Stern Law, our landing pages and ads:

  • Doubled their lead gen count
  • Cut lead costs in half

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