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Facebook Post Promotion Ads for Lower Conversion Costs? DMMH #4

In this 4th episode of The Digital Marketing Happy Hour, Lynda and Brian discuss how post promotion ads can have direct and indirect effects on your conversion performance, e.g. lowering lead generation costs. Don’t forget to click through and subscribe to the DMMH channel- and comment on YouTube if you have any questions- or even suggestions for future videos!

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Video Advertising Tips: YouTube, Instagram and Facebook

In the second installment of our new Digital Marketing Happy Hour Show, we talk VIDEO ADVERTISING! In this episode, we answer questions like: What’s the best type of YouTube ad? Which objective should you choose for your Facebook ad? How long should your videos be for Facebook and Instagram? Enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel!

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What Makes a Facebook Ads Expert? Digital Marketing Happy Hour #1

I’m so thrilled to debut a new podcast and youtube channel to you all today! And that I finally got my wife and partner in our digital marketing agency, Lynda Harvey-Carter, into some content where you can see the kind of thinking and work we do every day for our clients and partner agencies. We have a lot of fun doing the work and getting results- and we just have a lot of fun. Look forward to hearing what you think about it. Hope you enjoy! We’re calling it The Digital Marketing Happy Hour. It’s fun AND practical. In this […]

10 Keys to Retail Franchise Success Based On 7 Years Working With 21 Franchises

Working with, marketing for and keynote speaking to 21 retail franchises for the last seven years, I’ve had access to executives, franchisees, agencies and others in the industry. I’ve interviewed them, brainstormed with them and helped solve their problems. We’ve worked on marketing, sales, management and leadership, generational issues and more. These franchises include McDonald’s, Hand and Stone Massage, The Floor Trader, Atlantic Bedding & Furniture, PrideStaff, Retrofitness and more. Based on that experience, I’ve created a list of some of the most important keys to success I’ve heard and seen work in the franchise space. I’ve divided them by […]

10 Simple Instagram Marketing Tips to Attract More Customers (for Free!)

Businesses and marketer who want to gain customers should be on Instagram. Why? This summer, Instagram announced it has over 1 billion users. With numbers like that, there are plenty of potential customers to attract, and Instagram can be a great tool for acquiring these potential customers. Also… If you don’t figure out how to capitalize on Instagram, your competitors will. The problem is, managing an Instagram account can be overwhelming. Where do I begin? Am I too far behind to catch up? Do I have the time/resources to manage an account? Do I have to pay for advertising to get attention? […]

20 Powerful Influencer Marketing Tools

There’s no doubt, influencer marketing is a hot topic, and it can get you business results. Influencer Marketing one of the most searched for types of marketing in Google, behind social marketing and content marketing. Technically, it’s both social marketing and content marketing, because influencers usually use social and content to connect with their audiences and to market. So, in case you’re new to this, what IS influencer marketing, exactly? Influencer marketing is when an organization leverages an influencer and their audience to create new customers. Gallup’s research has found that companies with highly engaged customers achieve up to: 50% […]

5 Recruiting Tips for 2019: How Find and Hire More Candidates and Employees

For the first time in history, there are more jobs than people to fill those jobs! Recruiters and HR are struggling because traditional approaches aren’t driving in enough job applicants, or the right job candidates, to solve the problem. Our marketing agency (BCG) has been working with a variety of brands for the last five years to help them reach and attract more ideal job applicants, and I do keynote speeches on recruiting, corporate culture and generational differences. The good news is: whether you’re a human resources professional or you’re a recruiter, the latest Internet tools and strategies can help […]

Retailers: The Top 10 Digital Strategies for Store Visits & Sales in 2020

Are you a retail store owner, manager or marketer? As you know, retail can be very challenging right now, because you’re competing against: Big Box money, scale and technology in the bricks and mortar world Ecommerce convenience, pricing, ubiquity, data and ad budgets from Amazon, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Wayfair and others. I’ve spoken to thousands of franchisees and independent retail store owners over the last several years. In preparing for those keynotes and trainings, I’ve personally met to discuss their problems and solutions with them. Here are some of the solutions that have worked for them, and we’ll […]

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out About What Teenagers Are Doing On Social Media

When we hear that teens are leaving Facebook for Snapchat and Instagram, we tend to jump to conclusions. We know that children are the future. But, does that mean that ALL of their habits will become NORMS later on? Is everyone going to leave Facebook?! Will middle aged people try to act like teenagers? Or will teens grow up one day and act more like adults? Maybe some of both… Well, here are the facts: recently, Facebook had dominated the social media landscape among America’s youth – but it is no longer the most popular online platform among teens, according […]

10 Ways to Avoid Getting Duped By Internet Con-Men

Not all con-men are obvious. Some of them are quite successful and well-regarded. But they’re still con-men. The best con-men… you’d never think of them as one. You’d never consider it. They go by different labels. Some con-men call themselves authors, teachers, marketers, salespeople and speakers. I once almost got sucked into a cult. I’ve wasted thousands of dollars on online courses. How about you? Have you ever let someone’s confidence and big promises open your wallet and waste your time and money? There are a lot of con-men in online marketing Not surprising, is it? Marketers love being persuasive […]