For years people have been bemoaning the growing competition and shrinking number of spots available in users’ news feeds. Contrary to these predictions of doom, year over year, we’ve experienced better engagement rates, click-through rates, and cost per engagement for our post promotion ads …  but maybe it’s just us being awesome!

Post Promotion – it’s not just for engagement anymore.

sales funnel graphicEngagement ads benefit you at every step along the path to getting sales and a good return on your advertising investment. Also, with the scope and specificity of targeting available on some social ad platforms, it’s absolutely the most affordable digital ad strategy to:

  • make new audiences aware of your brand
  • introduce offerings and promotions to your prospects
  • increase traffic to your website or specific offer’s landing page 
  • get lift on your search traffic, reducing your PPC costs
  • rapidly build new custom audiences to retarget
  • gain new insights into your customers’ affinities & behaviors
  • test customer response to promotions, offerings & creative assets before investing more
  • compel prospects to purchase sooner, lowering the cost per sale & thus raising your ROI
  • AND… yep, engage with your customers (see example ads below).

What’s all this about affordability? 

screenshot of above average Facebook ad quality ranking resultsDone well, engagement ads on Facebook and Instagram can be the most cost-efficient ad option available on digital today.

First… note the qualifier “Done Well” in the last statement. What does that mean exactly? Doing it well means combining:

  • really engaging social content (see examples below) with,
  • marketing & psychological savvy to develop accurate personas with,
  • Facebook ad platform virtuosity

It means regularly seeing an “above average” on all of the Facebook quality rankings. If you’re not seeing that in your account… you need us!

screenshot of reach and cost per result for a sample of Facebook post promotion adsAbove-average ranking doesn’t guarantee a stupendous cost per engagement (reactions, shares, comments, content views, and link clicks), but it sure helps. Those rankings DO accurately reflect how interesting or engaging your content is to the chosen target audience. Custom content is the key…it has to be the right dog or correct cat after all. (see some examples below)

Our version of average cost is always 400-600% below the industry engagement averages. We’re accustomed to a cost performance that is 2000% below industry expectation… $0.01 to $0.03 engagements. 

And the top-performing engagement ads could be costing you as little as $0.004 per engagement. If not…you need us!

Examples of Post Promotion ads with Super Engagement Rates:

Post Promotion ad examples with Heroic Cost Per Engagement and Click-Through-Rate: