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How To Improve Your Social Media
In Just 5 Minutes [Infographic]

Courtesy of: Vocus

How To Improve Your Social Media In Just 5 Minutes [Infographic]

Courtesy of: Vocus

Surprise, Viral Cellos! You Will Laugh And Rock Out To This

What is creativity? It’s just two old things combined in a new way. Here, then, is Anachronistic AC/DC! We will forgive them for having three cellos playing at one point, will we not? What two old things can you combine in a new way to get awesome marketing results?  

The Surprising Way I Tripled My Email Signups

I love Pippity. Things have changed a lot. Three or four years ago, a pop-up like this was considered too aggressive. Not anymore. This is the design I ran for a few months. Only 2.9% of people signed up. When I relaunched my two sites as the new BrianCarterGroup.com site I also revised the Pippity. Part of my new branding arc is better integrating my humor and fun-loving personality into business. To be honest, I edit myself a lot- I know there’s a line where humor is bad for business. But sometimes I let loose. I let the real Brian out. That’s […]

This Quick Video Is Only Important If You Want To Capture More Customers With YouTube

This quick 5-minute video will make you one of the most effective video marketers in the world, if you watch it and actually do what it says. Believe YOU me, I took some notes and will be doing some new videos this weekend! Later we’re going to have to talk about the best YouTube ads to promote your videos with. They are super-effective at grabbing attention. Combined with the types of videos James talks about here? They’ll will help you capture more customers (that’s code for increase your conversion rates!) than you ever expected.

This Ridiculous Video Blew the Mind of an Entire Town in Belgium

I’m a big fan of the company who created this… (for a different reason) Honestly, it makes me feel a bit dumb, because it looks about as interesting as the average movie I like.

Here’s Why Conversations Are NOT Critical For Social Media ROI

I’ve always loved conversations…. I have a philosophy degree, for Pete’s sake. (By the way tell Pete I said “Hi,” whoever he is.) Conversations don’t always get results. Ever since I’ve been involved with digital marketing, I’ve always wanted results from it. Don’t you? Don’t you want profits, revenue, sales, leads and website traffic? I do, in that order of priority. If you do too, you’re going to like this blog post. If you don’t, you might think I’m crazy. What’s the point of growing a fanbase (or Twitter followers or email list) without revenue? Owned media (email, fans, followers, members) is powerful and critical to […]

Brand Managers and CMO's: Does Your Ad Agency Measure Up?

The idea is to get the best possible results on your ad spend. The enemy right now is media buyers. They want to control all the ad spend even though they don’t know how to optimize digital ads. They are still stuck in a 1990’s paradigm. If they won’t share details about your results, you shouldn’t trust them. Ask them how they’re optimizing your ads to get the most out of your spend, and see if they measure up to the benchmarks on the right. On a daily basis, we at The Carter Group are pretty nerdy about doing everything […]