The 12 Good, Bad and Ugly Things About
Facebook Marketing in 2016

UPDATED FOR 2016! More tips added… and one of the BAD things is now a GOOD thing! I had an email subscriber reply to my latest post about Facebook reply to me, “As much as I’m a fan, and have been for a long time, I’m starting to wonder if I can trust you. You never say anything negative about Facebook… I’m a fan of factual and logical articles, as opposed to the Avinash Kaushik cheerleader approach.“ I admit, I am not a headline-grubbing attack-writer… that’s how some writers get attention. And I know that it’s popular to attack Facebook right now. […]

Think Backwards! How An Animal Shelter Saved 5,000 Dogs With Backwards Thinking

A lot of times in business we give lip service to helping customers, but how much are they actually helping us? A lot! In medicine, they say a doctor is “practicing” medicine – she’s helping people but she’s also learning. That’s one reason I’m so grateful for all our clients, past present and future :-) What in your life should you look at backwards? Think about it!

[Infographic] Why Webinars Are One of the Highest-Profit Content Marketing Strategies

Webinars are one of the most effective content marketing strategies. Marketers consistently rank them first or near the top, with only in-person events and case studies ahead of them. Unlike many types of content marketing, webinars can lead quickly to sales, and thus short-term ROI (your CFO is jumping up and down and clapping). But they have other benefits too, depending on how you use them: Webinars can drive lead generation Webinars can prompt a faster buying decision Webinars can drive customer engagement Webinars can create loyalty and improve customer retention But a lot of webinars suck. Before I ever conducted a webinar, […]

How To Become a Creative Genius: Step One

Facebookize: 7 Ways REALLY Adapting To Facebook Will Revolutionize Your Organization

Most companies have not fully adapted to Facebook. That’s one reason why it frustrates them so much. But also, they miss out on a lot of benefits. What can Facebook marketing teach you about more effective marketing, sales and product and service creation? A lot! The Promise of This Post: I guarantee you that if you are thorough with the Facebookize process I describe below: It will dramatically improve your Facebook marketing results (I’ve seen it triple post interactions and website clicks) It will revolutionize how you think about your customers. It will lead to improved ideas for products, services and marketing. It will filter down […]

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How To Improve Your Social Media In Just 5 Minutes [Infographic]

Courtesy of: Vocus

Wow: 35 Epic Stats on Why It's Women Who Actually Drive Social Media

Stats from all of 2013, but these trends are holding.   Data reviews by Alex Hillsberg | See our Twitter

QUIZ: Which More Cowbell Character Are You?

In preparation for my forthcoming book, The Cowbell Principle, this is a fun quiz- we’ll get serious later!

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