Why Was This FB Post Shared 14,539 Times?

Facebook old-timers [I’m looking at you Dennis, Barry and Jeremy!] remember when we got Facebook page likes for less than one cent apiece. Of course, that was before we all got cynical about the value of Facebook fans. Are they worthless? That’s another debate for another day- and my short opinion on that is that they are still valuable, but shouldn’t be your #1 priority. Don’t worry- the post we’re going to talk about is below, but first… See that chart of ads below? Cost per post engagement ZERO. That’s not an error. It says zero because it’s less than $0.01. Now, […]

Thank YOU For Preferring The Word Funnest

This post is just to thank you guys for loving most the headline that used the word FUNNEST. You’re my kind of people. All three of those headlines are in an equal number of tweets on Twitter- one of them it roughly 6x more effective. I am tempted to start a kickstarter campaign to get funnest made into a real approved of word by the superunfun grammarian snobs. snobarians. if that’s really a good idea let me know. THE 5 UPSHOTS LESSONS TAKEAWAYS for you utilitarians, are: be unique. make up words. the coolest people do this. evidence: me. do […]

How To Write Copy & Content That Sells

Successful digital marketers test a lot of ideas. Which means they come up with a lot of ideas. Then have the discipline to go through multiple tests. It requires both creativity and organization. Conversely, we’re pretty much screwed when we get writers block, only have bad ideas, or get seduced into writing for engagement rather than sales. What Are Your Marketing Molecules? These days in digital marketing, we have several very similar things: Facebook or AdWords ads (10-12 words, <=90 characters) Blog post headlines (8-10 words) Corporate elevator pitches (up to 75 words) Unique selling propositions (18-22 words) Email subject lines (3-12 words), and […]

5 Ways Facebook Can Save An Entrepreneur From Business Failure

The Top 2 Causes of Failure for Entrepreneurs Are… Lack Of Funding: If you don’t have enough running capital for 3-6 months of startup, you’ll probably go out of business before you’re profitable. Lack Of Sales: If not enough people are buying from you to keep going, you’ll have to shut down. You need money, honey. A Lack of Sales typically is caused by one of two problems: No One Knows You Exist: A lot of businesses feel invisible. You can’t sell if you’re invisible. You need more awareness- more publicity- more buzz! And of course, maybe we’re exaggerating. Some people know […]

How To Get More Customer Referrals With Facebook

Here’s a clever way to boost your sales by getting more recommendations to prospects from your current customers… The research tells us that recommendations from friends are one of the most persuasive sales strategies out there. Think about it in your own life: are you more likely to check out a new make of car because some Brian Carter dude recommended it, or because your best friend recommended it? Hopefully you answered “my best friend” even though the research tells us that Brian Carter is ridiculously influential :-) How To Make Friend Referrals More Effective And Palatable All you need is: An email list of […]

Podcast: The Shocking Truth About B2B Facebook Marketing

Always alotta (I say that’s a word) FUN to be on Kathy’s podcast! Because she’s another business mind who loves to do improv. Therefore, this will both fill your cranium with small explosions of insight AND entertain your limbic system- let’s just say it’ll make your limbic system do “the limbo”. Why Is Facebook A No-Brainer For B2B Marketing? Why Do Facebook Ads Beat The Freaking Pants Off Linkedin Ads? What Are The No Brainer Lead Gen Strategies To Combine With Facebook? How Do You Use Facebook To Crowd-Source Product And Service Ideas- To Save A Ton Of Money And Heartache? What […]

How I Got 9x As Many Email Signups from Hello Bar

If you’ve read my post The Surprising Way I Tripled My Email Signups, you already know that going for the emotions, and using a little bit of humor can help differentiate you and get you more email subscribers. I’ve been playing with Hello Bar recently, which is another way to make sure you can contact your website visitors again and again, increasing your pageviews and website visits. Hello Bar is a little horizontal bar at the top of your website that asks people to opt into your email list. It integrates with a ton of emarketing marketing services- in my case, Aweber. […]

67 Reasons Upworthy Is More Viral Than Your Site Will Ever Be

Hey bucko, you need to care why people share stuff online. What they share, they definitely like. What they like, they don’t necessarily share. Find out what about your business is most viral, and you’re building the infrastructure for word of mouth marketing, and thus mega growth. Everyone needs a competitive advantage to survive and thrive- isn’t being more shareable one of the best competitive advantages? You need to read this deck if you want to suck less at viral marketing. It’s so good I hesitate to share it. The Sweet Science Of Virality from Upworthy But I know that […]

The 5 Biggest Facebook Ad Mistakes

We’ve run more than $1 million in Facebook ad spend for clients of all sizes, with goals ranging from fan growth to selling products and services online. We get sales and leads and engagement for them- whatever their goal is. We test constantly to ensure that the ad costs are as low as possible, and that the ad spend goes to the best performing ads. Some companies get profits, or super low-cost leads- but other companies fail with Facebook ads. No matter how powerful Facebook ads CAN be, there are some common mistakes that prevent Facebook ads from getting you great results. You need to get all […]

Business Owners: How To Get More Sales While You're On Vacation

Disclaimer: a lot of business owners don’t vacation a lot- they’d rather be working, but successful ones are more able to go on vacation. We’ll come back to the vacation thing- the whole point is: How can you set up processes and systems and tools that help you continue to make money so that you can focus on whatever you want. Things like running the other 80% of your business. How can you make sure that Internet marketing and sales is a tool that works for you regularly, not a problem to constantly fix? Internet marketing is complicated: geeks do it. Internet marketing is broad: […]