Facebook Marketing & Advertising has gotten more powerful and complicated every year. Now it’s pretty advanced.

So, is your company using all the best tools and strategies and best practices? Or are you doing half-measures? Are you stuck in 2012? Do you even know? Check out the questions below and see where you stand:

Want to know exactly who your buyers are? What they love? Their income, net worth, home value, personas and job titles? How they’re different from your fans? How they’re different from your competitors’ customers?

We’ll analyze your email lists, fans and competitors’ fans to give you business-changing insights. You’ll get the kind of sophisticated, mind-blowing market research companies have paid 6 figures for in the past. It’s much more affordable now because of Facebook’s partnership with three of the biggest consumer data companies in the world:

  • Acxiom has detailed entries for more than 190 million people and 126 million households in the U.S., and about 500 million active consumers worldwide.More than 23,000 servers collect and analyze more than 50 trillion data ‘transactions’ a year. pigeonhole people into one of 70 very specific socioeconomic clusters (personas) in an attempt to predict how they’ll act, what they’ll buy, and how companies can persuade them to buy their products.It gathers its data trove from public records, surveys you’ve filled out, your online behavior, and other disparate sources of information, then sells it to banks, retailers, and other buyers.
  • Epsilon has the world’s largest cooperative database (over 1 Petabyte of data across global data centers) with over 8.6 billion consumer transactions and 4.8 billion business transactions. The different data Epsilon sells includes age, profession, residence, ethnic information and political affiliation.
  • Datalogix, acquired by Oracle in 2015, now called “the Oracle Data Cloud,” it helps Facebook advertisers find customers on Facebook by onboarding first-party data, target customers through relevant audiences, measure campaign effectiveness based on offline purchases; their expertise spans across all industries including; CPG, Retail, Auto, Travel, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Technology and more.Datalogix aggregates and provides insights on over $3 trillion in consumer spending from 1,500 data partners across 110 million US households… across Auto, CPG and Retail Industries;DLX Auto: 99% of all U.S. Sales Captured, 20+ years of ownership data;DLX CPG: 50+ Grocery Chains; 7,000 brands; 300+ categories;DLX Retail: 10 billion transactions; 1,400 retailers; 1,000+ categories.

Because fans who aren’t qualified to become good customers could lead you astray. The most profitable companies are shifting from fan-focus to customer-focus. This doesn’t mean we’re not engaging or serving people- it means we’re identifying who we want to engage with the most, and ensuring that when we do engage and get feedback, we know if they are buyers or not.


Buyers may not want to be fans. And fans don’t always buy. In some cases, the most loyal buyers are not as active in social media- but you can target them with social ads and get them to become a lead or a sale.

personaDiscover what’s unique about them, how to target them, and create ads and content that’s more likely to get them to take action.

Want to know what posts, ads and videos work or don’t work for your audience? And which ones are working for your competitors?

We’ll analyze your Facebook page and ad accounts in depth to find patterns that will help you increase your impact and profitability.

Facebook posting and advertising are powerful ways to create brand awareness, engagement, leads, sales and loyalty… and they can improve the performance of all your other marketing channels. Are you getting lift from Facebook in all your other marketing channels?

FACEBOOK BEST PRACTICES: Want to know which Facebook best practices you haven’t tried yet? What you’re missing?

We’ll compare your activities to date with our checklist of recommended strategies and tactics, and teach you how to do the ones you haven’t tried yet so you can get more reach, fans, engagement, leads, sales and loyalty from Facebook.

FACEBOOK ANALYTICS: Not sure if you’re tracking Facebook accurately? Or how to gauge its complete impact on your business?

We’ll review your Facebook, Google, CRM, phone tracking and other analytics to get a 360 degree view of your data and make recommendations about how to improve its accuracy and usefulness to your daily decision-making.

Want to be the best in your space? Or at least move up a few spots in the pack? We’ll help you close the gap to become the most powerful company on Facebook in your niche, if you want.

If you said yes to the above, then you need a Professional Facebook Audit.

What goes into a Facebook Audit? Here’s a sample scope (yours will be custom):

  • Overall Facebook Strategy Considerations
    • Review Of Major Goals And Priorities, How They’re Being Pursued And What Needs To Be Added To Accomplish Them
    • What Similar Companies Have Done That’s Been Successful
    • What Companies In Other Verticals Have Done That Could Be Modeled
  • Facebook Posting Strategy Plan
    • Which Kinds Of Facebook Posts Have Worked Best So Far
    • Which Kinds Of Facebook Posts Aren’t Working As Well
    • What Kinds Of Facebook Posts Are Missing And Haven’t Been Tried
    • Advertising Considerations For Posts
  • Facebook Advertising Plan
    • What Data Should Drive Posting And Advertising Decisions?
    • How To Establish Media Spend Budgets And What Data Supports Increasing Ad Spend?
    • How To Drive People Into Your Store
    • How Many Fans To Get Before Boosting Posts
    • How To Target The Ads
    • How To Optimize Ad Performance
    • The Advertising-Based Lead Gen Model
    • Facebook Ecommerce Strategy
  • Facebook Analytics Tracking Plan
    • Review Of Existing Analytics, Email Marketing (What Got The Best Opens And Clicks), AdWords Ads (Which Worked Best/Worst)
    • How To Track Results And Revenue From Posting-Based And Ad-Based Facebook Marketing
    • CRM Issues- Tracking Prospects From Facebook To Customer
    • Phone Tracking Recommendations

The scope for your Facebook audit will be customized according to your needs and requests.

How does the Professional Facebook Audit work?

  1. ACCESS: We get access to all your accounts and analytics. We send you a questionnaire and get basic information about your company, marketing, goals and priorities.
  2. LAUNCH: We spend an hour on the phone with you reviewing before we launch the audit.
  3. AUDIT: We spend 2-3 weeks analyzing everything. We create the review and recommendations document, usually 80-120 pages long.
  4. REVIEW: We send you the final document. We schedule an hour call to review it and answer any questions you have about the analysis, and how to go forward implementing the insights.

Contact us today for a complimentary 15 minute phone call to discuss your Facebook audit!