Brian Carter: Facebook Advertising SuperheroIf we had to say what we’re double-triple awesomely the best at, it would be All Things Facebook.

It sounds kind of unbelievable but we regularly exceed industry standards by 500-1200%

Brian literally wrote the book on it…in fact, he wrote two of them!


Facebook fan ads

We’ve been offering Facebook advertising services since Facebook’s inception, back when ads looked like this:

And, you’re likely aware that it’s the most popular social platform with 2.45 billion users worldwide and an unprecedented 1.62 billion daily users (source: Facebook, October 2019).

But why do our clients get 300% – 700% return on investment? Because:

Cluster of successful Facebook ads

There’s something for everyone.

From local to global, tween to senior, B2B and B2C… Facebook, with Instagram, is the most efficient social advertising platform it has: the most users, the most affordable and the most versatile. 

  • Frighteningly specific audience-prospect targeting that was unimaginable with with traditional advertising options. 
  • Already 90% cheaper than Google, we can actually reduce the cost of your Google pay-per-click ads further by 80-100% and increase organic search activity.
  • Find and engage new customers with minimal ad spend
  • Interruptive advertising provokes potential customers to buy sooner 
  • Engage your existing customers, contacts, visitors and fans for $0.01 to $0.03 each.
  • Yes, B2B, your prospect may not do business on FB but they have families and friends to stalk too.

And there’s Facebook ad type for every business goal:

  • Awareness & Reach 
  • Traffic, Remarketing or Retargeting
  • Engagement with posts, pages and other content
  • Lead Generation 
  • Sales: offline, online, direct to consumer, catalog-ecommerce, or business to business
  • Store Traffic
  • Messages for customer interaction 
  • App & Game Installs
  • Event Responses
  • Video Views
  • Page Fans 

See if any of these Facebook Ad approaches could be useful to you and contact us.