10 Reasons Why Retargeting Ads Are a No-Brainer For Your Business

Here’s the deal.

Most of your future customers are not buying from you.

It’s true.

Every day you are missing out on 99% of your potential customers.

You read that right — 99%!

Even worse, when you’re not getting people to buy, your competitors are getting those sales and that revenue and those customers.

We’re not just fear-mongering here. We’re talking straight data. Most websites and e-commerce sites convert about 1% of their first-time visitors. 99% don’t buy.

So… Are you freaking out yet?


Don’t worry – there’s a solution to your problem. It’s called retargeting.

What is retargeting?

Good question.

Have you ever viewed a site or product, and then you see it everywhere?

That’s retargeting.

  • Retargeting is when ads follow you around to keep them top of mind for when you’re ready to purchase.
  • This is just like email- it’s a great way for customers to see you again and get to know you.
  • You’re still around whenever customers are ready to hit that buy button.
  • Retargeting is ALWAYS one of the most profitable marketing segments in advertising.

Need more convincing? No problem. We’ve made a list just for you.

So, without further ado, here are

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Retargeting Today!

1. Keep your product or service hot for people who are interested in you.

Retargeting is so hot right now.

Retargeting is the best way to stay visible to your hottest leads and best potential customers.

It’s a powerful best practice to getting quicker revenue and profits.

2. Stay in touch with people who aren’t opening your emails.

Email is great, but what percentage of website visitors submit a lead or opt-into your email list?

Between 1% and 20%, right? Those are the industry averages.

The overall average for everybody is a mere 1.95%!

Reverse that number and you get the percentage of people you are losing.

They aren’t even signing up to hear from you via email.

98% of website visitors don’t want to join an email list.

They forget about you within 1-3 days.

They may not remember your name or your business name or your website name.

They try to Google for it and maybe they don’t remember enough to find you again.

Business GONE.

And what about your email list?

What percentage of those people open your emails?

Typically 20% if you’re doing a good job, although in some industries that’s very hard to achieve.

Reverse that, and 80% of the average email list IS NOT OPENING EMAILS.

Maybe only 10% are clicking on your links.

90% of an email list DOESN’T CARE enough to click on links!

If you’re working hard and/or paying to get that traffic from email campaigns, losing most of those people is the worst.

Retargeting fixes this problem.

Even when your email isn’t working, which is most of the time, retargeting keeps you front and center in their attention.

Don’t be forgotten…


3. Raise your ecommerce conversion rate.

What’s your ecommerce conversion rate?

Probably 1-2%.

Now reverse it. 98-99%.

98% of e-commerce visitors, even if they added something to a cart, leave the site and don’t buy.

Again, that’s the percentage of people you are losing who forget about you within 1-3 days.

Don’t you want to get those people back?

Retargeting keeps you top of mind so you can get them back and get more of those sales.

4. Use cookies so you can reach more people.


Did you know?

97% of people use cookies, don’t block them, and can be retargeted.

When advertising on Facebook and Instagram, you can reach

  • 72% of Americans,
  • 69% of Canadians, and
  • 68% of those in the UK.

Retargeting ads will get a substantial message in front of people, just like a short email, but they’ll get in front of 2-3x as many as those who open your emails.

(If you have an email follow up sequence, you need a retargeting ad sequence. Best practice is to do both email marketing and retargeting!)

5. Get your business the highest ROI.

Retargeting is one of the best ways to advertise online.

It has the highest conversion rate and lowest cost per sale.

These people already know you- they’re not cold audiences, they’re warm.

They’re more likely to convert because they know more about your brand and offerings and they’re more likely to like you.

Repeat exposure through retargeting increases your conversion rates, sales and profits.

Retarget to increase your profits!

6. Woo your audience so they can trust your brand.

Aww <3

If someone has already been to your website, they become part of your highly qualified audience. Now it’s time to help them begin to trust your brand.

Remember, not everyone that comes to your website for the first time is ready to buy from you.

It’s like when people meet you for the first time — they aren’t ready to be your best friend or significant other right away, right?

They have to get to know you first.

Retargeting helps customers get to know you.

The more they know, the more likely they are to buy.

7. Repetition is key.

Your audience needs to see your product/brand more than once!

Worried it’s too much?

The more familiar your audience is with you, they more they will like you (even if you’re a little annoying!).

Potential customers need to hear about you as much as possible. Most people don’t buy the first time they hear about or visit a brand’s website.

People are often:

  • Distracted
  • Resistant, or
  • Not focused on your message the first time

But with repeated exposure to the marketing message, they begin to hear and “get” your message, and start to understand your unique value.

Without retargeting, when your potential customer is ready they might see your competitor’s ad, and you’ll lost the sale.


Familiarity increases affinity (in social psychology it’s called The Familiarity Principle, aka The Mere-Exposure Effect).

Studies show that the more we’re familiar with a person or brand, the more we like it.

Look like you’re everywhere to the most interested people!

Get them even more interested.


8. Grow and market to your fanbase.

Your website, blog and social media channels are owned media properties (web properties you can control and are unique to your brand).

Channels like social media and blogs are extensions of your website, and all three are extensions of your brand as a whole.

These are people who are now in your audience, similar to email subscribers or fans or followers – they haven’t opted into a list but they did show interest. Use it!

A retargeting list is an informal fanbase.

You can convert them into email subscribers, post engagers or customers.

Retarget to get them to the next step.

9. Bring your website users back.

Let’s bounce.

What’s your bounce rate?

That’s the percentage of people who only view one page on your website and then leave right away.

The average site has about 50% of visitors bounce, without viewing a second page.

For many sites it’s as high as 70-90%.

Many businesses haven’t optimized their websites behaviorally to get users to stick around and view multiple pages.

Remember, few people buy or take action right away, the first time they visit.

Retargeting is a great way to bring potential customers back to your site.

Retarget for repeat website visitors!

10. Retargeting is incredibly affordable.

Just $1 a day…

Just spending $1 a day on retargeting means you’re in front of 100 of your best prospects a day, instead of zero of them.

The financial stakes are low, and the potential rewards are great — it’s time to start retargeting!

There you have it.

10 Reasons Why YOU Should Be Retargeting.

Stop missing out on most of your sales.

Get people to buy from you instead of your competitors.

Make this year your best sales year ever!

So… what’s next?

Why haven’t you started yet?

Are you confused or overwhelmed with how to retarget?

Do you love the idea, but don’t know where to start?

If you don’t know how to set up Facebook pixels, different audiences, etc., don’t worry, The Brian Carter Group can help.

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