briwebinar500Webinars are consistently one of the most profitable content marketing strategies. Reach your prospect audience to get more of them to take action. Build loyalty with existing customers by presenting them with valuable training and insights.

Brian provides custom webinars to companies that have included Microsoft, Citrix, Marketo, Mediapost, and Instant E-Training.

His topics range throughout Digital Marketing (Search, SEO, Social Media, Paid Advertising, Content Marketing, Lead Gen and Digital Marketing Strategy). Webinars can be B2B or B2C or both. Brian will discuss your goals and audience with you, then create a custom outline for your approval and then the custom webinar.

If your company has never conducted a webinar, Brian will walk you through the process and help you market it to ensure a good showing. Webinars can be recorded and made available for play on-demand to your prospects and customers.

The sponsoring company usually provides:

  • The webinar platform (for example: GoToWebinar, Webex or Adobe Connect)
  • A moderator to introduce Brian and handle any Q&A session
  • A marketing coordinator to work with Brian to develop the webinar
  • Marketing to the company’s email list and social fanbases

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