seo_keywords-1024x612Search Engine Optimization is all about ranking highly in search engines to get free (natural, organic) traffic to your website. These days, SEO success is about proper usage of keywords (what people actually type into search engines) and high quality content. Without creating high quality content and publicizing it via social media, you’ll hit a glass ceiling with your search rankings. The instant alternative to SEO is pay per click advertising, specifically Google AdWords and Bing.

Before a redesign, read this article: 11 Reasons Site Redesigns Can Steal Your Traffic – And How To Prevent That

SEO Audit of Existing Website

  • SEO rankings of value
  • Keyword usage
  • Inbound and internal link review
  • Technical issues
  • Competitive analysis

Deliverable: Site Audit Document (PDF) $2,500.

Keyword Optimization of Existing Site

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword utilization plan
  • Keyword Implementation

Deliverable: Keyword replacement plan or actual keyword insertion- all prices are custom depending on size of website and amount of optimization needed, starting at $1,500.

Redesign SEO Transition Plan

  • Transition to new site to preserve current SEO
  • Keyword plan
  • Site architecture & website URL plan
  • 301 redirects if needed
  • Redirects for 404’s
  • Blogging & content marketing plan recommendations

Deliverable: Transition Plan Document (PDF) $2,000.

SEO Review Of Redesigned Site On Staging Site – 7-10 Days Before Going Live

  • Review of staging site in development, before going live – 7-10 days before going live
  • Keyword usage
  • Site architecture & Website URL’s

Deliverable: Consultation, Review & Feedback. $1,000.

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