Is the website dead? Not exactly, but it’s no longer the best way to get leads or sales online. Websites are too busy and give visitors too many options. Instead of filling out your form or buying they may get distracted by some other shiny object in your navigational menus or sidebar.

Website conversion rates are low. Cost per lead and cost per sale can be high.

[Yes, it’s ironic I’m saying this on a website! But we also have funnels selling this service and we need our website visitors to be able to read about this, too.]

An online marketing funnel is a more efficient, scientific and profitable place to send visitors than a website.

Many businesses have already embraced squeeze page platforms like leadpages, unbounce and optimizely. You can set up a squeeze page with a template proven by other businesses to sell or gather leads at a high rate, customized to your company, product/service and customer. Squeeze means there’s only one thing they can do- fill out a form or buy. Conversion rates go up. You can test 3-5 multiple versions (just like we do in Google and Facebook ads) to see which converts best, thus minimize your advertising cost per lead or customer and maximize your profits.

The next evolution of single landing pages is the marketing funnel. It’s a series of landing pages that increases the value you get out of each visitor and revenue you get out of each customer. Most online marketing funnels have 3-5 pages, and you want to test at least 2-3 variations for each page in the funnel. If it’s a lead generation funnel, we also can set up a series of automatic follow-up emails to familiarize your prospect with you and your company and get them to take further action and buy.

As you can see, the funnel is a more complex and powerful system than a squeeze page, and it’s also more focused and scientific than a website.

A few examples of funnel types:

  1. Opt-in Lead Capture Funnel: Get business inquiries from qualified potential customers.
  2. Opt-in Lead Capture Funnel with Upsell: Same as Opt in but also sell something.
  3. Sales Funnel: Get leads and online sales.
  4. Webinar Funnel: Great way to sell more people more complicated goods and services, no matter how you deliver them.
  5. Perfect Webinar Funnel: Includes same things as Webinar Funnel but adds a small digital item for sale on the registration thank you page and a “Launch Style” 3-video warm-up funnel to increase excitement before and after the webinar.
  6. Auto-Webinar Funnel: Take the recording of a a live webinar you’ve already gotten to sell for you and create an simulated webinar experience for people to watch your webinar even if you’re sleeping or jet-skiing or whatever you like to do.
  7. The Launch Funnel: Get people excited about a new product or service ahead of time, and only allow them to buy a special deal for a limited time.
  8. Supplement Selling Funnel: Proven funnel that has done 6-figure sales for multiple supplement companies.
  9. High Ticket Funnel: Proven sales funnel for getting leads for a high ticket services that are $5,000 or above.
  10. Book Launch Funnel: Proven funnel for generating leads and other business by giving away your book for $6.95 shipping (and if you use CreateSpace for your book, you may actually break even on each lead).

Funnel creation costs range from $10,000 – $25,000.

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