Everybody knows Facebook ads are a big deal now. We’ve been doing them since before that… 2010 to be exact.

We started helping companies with fan growth and engagement way back then. By now we it that down to a science. We even look at making sure engagement ads drive traffic, leads and sales, not just likes, comments and shares.

In 2011, Brian and his clients were the first to drive sales and profits with Facebook ads at a time when most of his peers thought it impossible. We’ve helped companies create 300% – 700% profits and higher. We helped one company double new client acquisition within four months. Read more case studies here.

Over the last several years, Brian provided proof that Facebook marketing also works well for B2B.

We believe Facebook ads are the biggest marketing opportunity in history.

  • There’s no other way to reach TV and radio-sized audiences, but targeted to your best prospects, this affordably.
  • With Facebook ads, you can reach more than 1 billion people worldwide.
  • They are 20x more affordable than traditional advertising options- and they’re the most affordable type of digital advertising.
  • They offer 15 targeting criteria we use (including interests, job titles, income, net worth, lookalikes from your email lists and more) to ensure we’re reaching your exact customer.
  • Facebook owns Instagram and we can easily advertise on Instagram using the same ad platform.
  • We can supplement this with Google ads, YouTube ads, LinkedIn ads, or more. Because we aren’t a one-trick pony.

Some of the goals you can achieve with Facebook ads, illustrated by our case studies:

  • AWARENESS. We reached 24 million people for a top over-the-counter health brand with Facebook ads. We reached 487,000 CXO’s and IT Sysadmins for a cloud hosting company. We’ve shown videos hundreds of thousands of times for recruiting brands, tech, corporate training and more.
  • FANS. We grew a famous OTC healthcare brand’s fan base by 196,000 fans at an average of $0.26 per fan; we drove 2 million likes, comments, shares and clicks on Facebook posts at an average price of $0.02 per engagement. The brand learned game-changing information about who their fans are. We’ve grown millions of fans for companies for less than $0.30 each, but generally we encourage companies to focus on acquiring customer and emails instead of fans.
  • TRAFFIC, LEADS, EMAIL LIST GROWTH. We increased leads for a sports-oriented website’s by taking them from $25 cost per lead to $4.88 cost per lead with Facebook ads. We increased leads for a hosting company by lowering their $138 cost per lead to $41 cost per lead, which has revolutionized their business development process. We got $29 IT leads and $59 CXO leads for another hosting company. We got thousands of 16-cent contest entries for a giveaway promoting a music cruise. Read more about lead generation here.
  • WEBSITE TRAFFIC, SALES & PROFITS. We drove profitable sales for several entertainment-themed cruises, lowering the cost per booking from $604 to $184 and gave them critical insights about contests and bookings. We’ve driven more than $106,000 in sales for a food delivery chain at the highly profitable rate of $0.83 per order- a 2200% ROI. We’ve helped lawyers, authors, speakers, and ecommerce sites increase their sales and profits.

Why Market with Facebook?

  • POPULARITY: With 2 billion users, 250 million in the U.S., it’s the most popular social platform for every age group. Instagram is hot too, and you can market on Instagram through the Facebook ad platform as well.
  • CREDIBILITY: Facebook is the #1 choice of social marketers, according to Social Media Marketing World’s annual survey- and if they could only choose one social platform for marketing, a majority would choose Facebook.
  • GROWTH: Facebook is the most affordable way to raise awareness and get prospects to buy sooner than they would have. While Google SEO and AdWords are a great way to harvest those who are ready to buy now, those customers are limited in number. Once you have SEO and AdWords campaigns in place and profitable, if you want to increase your volume of prospects and customers, Facebook is the most affordable way to do it.
  • IMPACT: Facebook gives you bigger images and allows more words per post and ad than any other ad platform. Your ads can have greater impact on your customers.
  • PRECISION & AFFORDABILITY: The Facebook ad platform can reach TV and radio sized audiences but with much better targeting and a much lower cost of entry. It can be up to 99% more affordable than newspapers and 90% more affordable than AdWords.

Contact us today to get started or ask us questions. We offer a 15 minute complimentary call to explore your situation and goals and determine if Facebook ads and The Carter Group are right for you!

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