The Worst Facebook Advertising Mistake You Can Make

If you had to choose, would you rather have:

  • Website traffic that leaves your site without doing anything?
  • Leads and sales?

I’ll bet you said the second one. :-)

But did you know: if you use the wrong type of ad, Facebook will send you those annoying people who click on ads but don’t buy or opt-in?

You must use the right Facebook ad type if you want Facebook to show your ads to more highly-qualified people. And the right kind of ad is a “website conversion ad.”

Watch this video to find out:

  • The right kind of Facebook ad and how to create it.
  • The conversion tracking set-up you must do.
  • A few more tips for creating ads that convert like crazy and not wasting money.

And to improve from there, you need to write better copy. Check out this post for my whole Compelling Ad Copy system for creating headlines and copy that converts.