This is a bonus for those considering buying my new Social Marketing Profit System course. It contains highly engaging Facebook posts you can use with or without adapting them to your business.

  • We’ve run thousands of posts for clients over the last five years. These are the most engaging ones of all time. These posts will get you super-high engagement from your fans.
  • Posts that get lots of likes comments and shares ensure your visibility to your fans and are much more affordable when you advertise them. The most engaging post we’ve done, when advertised, brought in 6 interactions PER PENNY. These posts will get you super affordable engagement.
  • The metric for post engagement is Engagement Rate = (likes + comments + shares) / reach ; in other words, out of those who saw it, how many interacted with it?
    • Most posts get about 1% E.R. The average ideas had by people new to Facebook posting don’t work very well.
    • These posts received 10% – 16% E.R.

Download the SuperPost Swipe File™ here.

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