We have a complex business model and sales pipeline, so it was no simple feat for them to fit into our website, email strategy, and personal trainer network, let alone figure out the best targets and creative to drive more appointments. Brian Carter Group worked closely with us to evolve the messaging, tie our data systems together, analyze the data, find insights, and turn up the spends and revenue.

I’d highly recommend BCG for anyone looking to take their Facebook ads to the next level, create a new marketing and sales business source, and drive more business!

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BCG has outstanding digital advertising and social media expertise who’ve helped us shape and grow our organization’s online presence since 2013. Their creative thinking has helped keep us one step ahead of our competition.

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Brian is a brilliant digital marketing consultant with many years of experience. I’ve had the pleasure of launching social media profiles for a number of brands with him and his enthusiasm for the work was infectious. He and his team always have creative, positive outlooks. Their style is open and inviting to questions.

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From the first phone call, Brian distinguished himself with not only his knowledge of the subject, but by beginning detailed research on our unique needs.

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Brian Carter is the gold standard of relationships. Mind you, I didn’t say social networking… Got ya! He’s pretty good at that as well. He’s one of the few folks I’ve worked with that “get’s it”. He understands the target market, the vehicles and how to get from one to the other. If you are looking for a strategist as well as a tactician, Brian is your man.

Working with the Brian Carter Group and Brothers Data in 2020 was a truly amazing experience and a blessing in disguise. During the Covid crisis they helped me scale my business and increase my company’s market share in the automotive retail search niche. I am happy that my business didn’t suffer and that the guys and I were able to put our heads together and come up with some amazing new ideas to drive business in the right direction.