10 Ways Humor Can Boost Content Marketing (Video Interview) with Prof. James Barry

Interview with professor James Barry (who I like to call Jimmy Mneumonic) on the topic of humor and content marketing.

Why Advertising Really is OK (Video Interview) with Gary Winchester

Two Facebook advertising experts discuss advertising vs marketing and paid vs organic. Why is advertising ok, and why is Facebook advertising so great?

Twitter Power 3.0 (Video Interview) with Joel Comm

Probably the most ADD interview ever… I talked to Joel Comm about the newest edition of his bestselling Twitter Power book.

Social Media Guerilla Lead Gen Tactics (Video Interview) with Dave Schneider

Twitter and LinkedIn lead generation techniques with Dave Schneider of Ninja Outreach

Shareology (Video Interview) with Bryan Kramer

I spoke with Bryan Kramer about his exciting new book, Shareology.

We discussed topics including:

  • The 6 Types Of Sharers
  • How Emotions Play Into Sharing
  • The Impact Of Sharing On Revenue
  • What Makes Things Go Viral
  • The Formula For Sharing

You can pre-order Shareology here, and get access to his new Shareology Sharing Platform.

Smart Communication: How Intellectuals Can Talk Good One Day (Video Panel Interview)

Guests Tamsen Webster, Felicia Slattery and Kathy Klotz-Guest discuss with Brian: how smart people sometimes screw up effective communication with jargon and other errors, and how they can communicate more effectively.

Heroes at Work: The Hero’s Journey as a Career Parable for Life Hacking (Video Interview Panel)

Three smartie-pants (Michael Margolis, Kathy Klotz-Guest and Brian Carter) discuss:

  • How can you get further in your career?
  • Do you have a mentor? Also, if you’re a consultants and coaches, how you can mentors heroes.
  • Why might you not be able to reach people with the magical elixir you’ve discovered during your career adventure? Who should you take your elixir to?
  • Critics as threshold guardians
  • Despite your expertise, how do you communicate better in the mainstream?

Warning: a little bit of language in case you are sensitive to that!

The Velveeta Commercial Michael mentioned: “You’re not ready for that fish”

Getting Things Done (Video Interview) with David Allen

Just interviewed David Allen, author of Getting Things Done (2015 edition of book on amazon or barnes&noble | website) for my podcast, “Brian Carter’s Brain”! We spoke about productivity, flow, creativity, inspiration and content marketing.

Watch it here: