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Video Advertising Tips: YouTube, Instagram and Facebook

In the second installment of our new Digital Marketing Happy Hour Show, we talk VIDEO ADVERTISING!

In this episode, we answer questions like: What’s the best type of YouTube ad? Which objective should you choose for your Facebook ad? How long should your videos be for Facebook and Instagram?

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10 Simple Instagram Marketing Tips to Attract More Customers (for Free!)

Businesses and marketer who want to gain customers should be on Instagram.


This summer, Instagram announced it has over 1 billion users.

With numbers like that, there are plenty of potential customers to attract, and Instagram can be a great tool for acquiring these potential customers.


If you don’t figure out how to capitalize on Instagram, your competitors will.

The problem is, managing an Instagram account can be overwhelming.

  • Where do I begin?
  • Am I too far behind to catch up?
  • Do I have the time/resources to manage an account?
  • Do I have to pay for advertising to get attention?

Don’t panic!

We have some quick and easy advice on how your brand can reach these potential customers without driving you insane.

Scroll down to read our 10 Instagram marketing tips that will help you grow your brand and attract a relevant following — for free.

1. Get Access to More Tools When You Switch to an Instagram Business Account

Don’t have an Instagram business account yet? Switch it over today.

Changing your brand profile page to an Instagram business account is simple.

Just go to your settings and click Switch to Business Profile.

Instagram will guide you through a few more steps to finalize the process. Don’t worry, it’s quick and painless!

A few benefits to having a business account:

  • Utilize Call-to-Action Contact buttons – followers can click right from your Instagram page to get in touch with you (via email, phone, or text message)
  • Create and publish ads without needing to use Facebook’s advertising tools.
  • Access Instagram analytics tools (Instagram Insights) that provide statistics about the impressions and reach of your posts.

2. Update Your Business Bio to Attract More Followers

Your Instagram bio should describe what your business does (quickly inform your audience), what kind of brand you are (are you silly, serious, funny, cute?), and get people to take action.

Make the most of all parts of your bio to attract potential customers –

  • Profile Photo: make sure your photo is relevant to your brand or company.
  • Username and Name: Choose wisely because both are searchable.
  • Bio: You have 150 characters to make a great impression with the content in your bio, so spend some time writing!
  • Website: Choose your best link – you only get one!
  • Call-to-Action Buttons: Take advantage of your Instagram Business account and use the right call to action.

Spending a little time to create a quality business bio will go a long way and make a difference to your Instagram marketing efforts.

3. Create a Content Calendar to Ease Stress

Drafting up a content calendar is a good idea for any social media marketing effort.

It takes the pressure off trying to decide what to post each day, and allows you to be more strategic with your marketing plans.

Creating a content calendar helps you:

  • Utilize your valuable content in the most effective way
  • See the general vibe of your social media account before posting
  • Keep your posts varied, relevant and interesting so your audience will stop scrolling long enough to engage with your posts

4. Use Geotags for Higher Engagement

When you post, always include a geotag!

Instagram posts that tag a location receive 79% higher engagement than posts without one.

Adding a geotag gives users another way to find your content. And the more people who view your content, the more likely you’ll have higher engagement.

It’s that easy.

5. Repurpose Content for a More Interesting Account

Posting regularly can be time consuming and hard work.

Are you finding it hard to come up with enough content to meet the needs of your following?

Do you see other amazing accounts that have audiences you’d like to attract?

Perhaps you should try reposting content from these relevant Instagram accounts. (Just make sure to give sufficient credit by tagging the photo and your caption.)

Some accounts will even return the favor and repost your content!

Many apps are available that download photos from Instagram and save them to your camera roll, so you can easily repost them.

6. Build a Community by Spending Time Attracting Real Followers

Don’t buy fake followers or stress out about acquiring millions of them!

Being too concerned about your vanity metrics won’t help your business long term.

Social media is about building a community, not seeking an arbitrary number that doesn’t care about your brand and will never convert.

Work on building a real community — it will pay off in the long run!

7. Use Instagram Stories to Grab More Attention

Instagram stories are a new and fun tool that can help attract interest in your business.

They sit right at the top of the feed, so they’re flashy, fast and easily noticeable.

Use it to entice customers with sales, giveaways, or a sneak peek at new products.

You can even add links to stories now!

If customers like what they see, they’ll keep coming back for more updates.

8. Keep Content Fresh and Personal with User-Submitted Photos

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to create attractive content for your Instagram page without doing any of the hard work?

Through user-submitted photos, there is!

Once you have an engaged audience, you can leverage your following to generate useful content for you.

User-generated content is fresh and personal, so encourage your audience to take photos with your brand by reposting your favorites!

It’s easy for you, and a great ego boost for them. Happy audiences attract more followers.


9. Create Engagement with a Unique, Interactive Hashtag

Interactive hashtags are a great way to create engagement and attract new followers.

Every time someone posts a photo using your hashtag, they’re showing your brand to their personal Instagram community — it’s like free advertising!

Create a hashtag that is unique and makes sense for your business, and encourage followers to use your tag when they post about your brand.

This will continue to build your brand community and also help you quickly search through images that you may want to repost on your page. ;)

If your brand has a popular slogan or phrase, that may make for a perfect branded hashtag!

10. Attract your Audience by Being Bold, Creative, and Human!

What makes you unique? What attracts people to your brand or business?

With over 1 billion users on Instagram, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. That’s why it’s important to get creative and be human!

  • Post images that you would like to see in your Instagram feed vs. images that look and feel like advertisements
  • Engage with your audience by thanking them for comments, replying to questions, and encouraging interactions
  • Be brave and try new ideas. Let your personality shine!

With some hard work, creativity and a strong vision, you can attract an engaged community that will help your business grow!

Facebook Still Has More Young People Than Instagram… In EVERY Age Group

It seems like every time I talk to someone about Facebook, they talk about how young people are leaving it for Instagram or Snapchat.

That may be true.

If they go to Instagram, as a marketer, I’m fine with it. We can still market to them on Instagram itself and via the Facebook Ad Manager.

But have the YOUTHS really left Facebook?

Who knows.

So, I thought I’d take a look at the data and find out!

The results might shock some of you…

Is Facebook Only For Old People?

Let’s take a look at how many people are on Facebook and Instagram in the U.S. right now.

The Facebook Audience Insights Data

First off, on Facebook- if we look at the Facebook “Audience Insights” tool, which available to anyone- just get a Facebook ad account and you can use it- we see there are 200-250 million monthly active U.S. Facebook users right now (as of June, 2018).

  • If 17% of Facebook users are 18-24, that means 38 million 18-24 year old’s use Facebook monthly.
  • Another 58 million young-ish people between 25-34 use Facebook monthly.
  • That means that 96 million Americans between the ages 18 and 34 use Facebook monthly right now!

The Facebook Ad Manager Data

We can also get numbers from the Facebook ad manager. It can tell you, when you create an ad set, how many people you can easily target on Facebook or Instagram.

  • When I put 18-34 in, Facebook Ad Manager says that there are 90 million 18-34 year old Americans on Facebook. Pretty similar numbers to what I found from the Audience Insights tool.
  • When I add in Instagram, we get 100 million Americans, 18-34 years old, on Facebook and/or Instagram.
  • When I remove Facebook but keep Instagram, we get 69 million 18-34 year olds on Instagram only.

More interesting is this chart I put together from FB Ad Manager’s data…

Number of American Facebook & Instagram Users By Age:

That last row is what percentage of the total (Facebook + Instagram) is in Facebook. Over 50% would mean that there are more people in this age group on Facebook than Instagram.

In every age group, Facebook has more users than Instagram. Even in the youth segments!

So… millions of teenagers still think Facebook is cool? Or at least, cool enough to use, for whatever reason.

Here’s a more graphic comparison of the number of Facebook and Instagram users by age group in June 2018:

  • Even in the 13-17 age group, there are more teens on Facebook than Instagram. That may be changing, but it hasn’t changed yet. There are 12% more 13-17 year olds on Facebook than Instagram.
  • And the gap widens as we look at 18-24 year olds. There are 17% more 18-24 year olds on Facebook than Instagram. It widens again for 25-34 year olds. There are 27% more 25-34 year olds on Facebook than Instagram. And so on.

And before you say, “Yeah, they have accounts, but they don’t use them,” the data above is for ACTIVE monthly users…

And read this article about how Facebook ads are still working WAY better than Instagram ads.


The rumors of Facebook’s death amongst youth have been greatly exaggerated.

Young people may be using Instagram and Snapchat more, but there are still a huge number of them on Facebook.

If you market to youth segments, you should market and advertise on all three of these platforms.

The data I can’t find that would be really great to know is: how much time does each age group spend on each social network? It’s easy to find how many people of each age group use a site. Or how much time users of a site spend on that site, but not how much time each age group uses each site.

5 Reasons Facebook Ads Outperform Instagram Ads

Facebook hasn’t had the best year so far, have they?

The Cambridge Analytics data scandal, rumors of youth departing Facebook for Instagram & Snapchat, the fact that Instagram seems new & exciting…

You can’t blame people for wondering if Facebook is over and Instagram might be the new thing, can you?

Is Facebook marketing over or is Instagram marketing better? If so, how should we market on Instagram?

What’s All The Hype About Instagram?

People love the idea of Instagram marketing because:

  • You can advertise on Instagram though the Facebook ad platform, one of the two best ad platforms in the world.
  • There are stats and rumors about young people leaving Facebook for Instagram and Snapchat… but Instagram is easier to market with than Snapchat, so if you’re chasing the youth market, Instagram seems to make sense. However, please keep in mind that for every age group, Facebook still has more users than Instagram.
  • Instagram’s audience is younger than Facebook on average.
  • Instagram posts and ads are much more positive, inspirational and lifestyle-oriented than Facebook’s, which can be political, negative, cranky and salesy at their worst.

Are Instagram Ads More Effective or More Affordable?

This kind of benchmark data hasn’t been released by some of the bigger clearinghouses like Wordstream yet, but that I can give you a sampling of what we’ve see from our campaigns and our clients. This data comes from multiple industries and represents nearly 20 million very recent ad impressions as of June 2018:

Metric definitions:

  • CPM = Cost per impression
  • CPC = Cost per click
  • CTR = Clickthrough Rate
  • CPE = Cost per engagement
  • CP10SVV = Cost per 10-second video view

The normal Facebook video view is only 3 seconds. We believe that these are often merely glances, not true “views,” so we prefer to measure 10-second views.

5 Insights from the Facebook and Instagram Ad Data

Let’s compare some of the data from the chart and see what we can learn.

1. Brand Visibility Costs Less With Facebook Ads Than Instagram Ads 

You’ll get more marketing awareness for your dollar on Facebook than Instagram. Facebook usually gets you more affordable visibility (CPM’s) than Instagram ads.

2. Website Traffic Is More Affordable With Facebook Ads Than Instagram Ads 

Facebook clearly has the better cost per clicks (CPC’s) overall. However, Instagram Stories and Facebook Messenger click costs can rival some of the better Facebook ad CPC’s.

3. People Click At A Higher Rate on Facebook Mobile Ads Than On Instagram Ads (Which Are Always Mobile)

When we look at clickthrough rates, people click about 3x as much in the Facebook mobile news feed (1.58% CTR) as they do in Instagram (0.51% CTR).

People are more interested in clicking (tapping) on Facebook ads from their smartphones than they are in clicking on Instagram ads.

People click 67% less often on Instagram ads than they do on Facebook ads.

This behavior may change over time if Instagram users come to accept ads more, or as advertisers get better at making their Instagram ads fit Instagram’s unique ethos and attitude.

We don’t believe that the lower ad CTR on Instagram is related to the lower average age of Instagram users, because when you look at Facebook Audience Insights data for younger users, even though you do see a lower ad-clicking activity from 18-34 year olds (about 7% less) and even lower from 18-25 year olds (about 20% less), those dips in ad-clicking activity are not nearly as extreme as the 67% difference we’re seeing in this data.

4. People Engage More With Facebook Ads Than With Instagram Ads

Facebook ads are still the king of affordable engagement (CPE).

The Facebook news feed’s ad engagements are 40-70% more affordable than Instagram.

This may surprise you, since there are other public stats showing that Instagram is generally more engaging than Facebook. This is true for individual user accounts, but what we’re looking at here is how engaging ads are on Instagram (or how engaged users are with ads), and not how engaging the average user’s posts are.

5. Video Views Are More Affordable With Facebook Ads Than Instagram Ads

Facebook is also winning at cost per video view.

Again, it could be that Instagram users are not appreciating ads overall, or that the people creating the videos haven’t figured out how to tailor them to the Instagram environment or user.

What About Leads and Sales Performance?

I left conversion data out of the above chart, because it’s harder to compare apples-to-apples on leads and sales across multiple clients in multiple industries. The benchmarks can be so different, not just in B2B vs B2C but in each industry.

However, our anecdotal experience from multiple clients gives us strong indications that:

  • Facebook ads convert at higher rates for leads and sales than Instagram ads.
  • Facebook ads can drive a higher volume of leads and sales than Instagram ads (more impressions and clicks are available on Facebook).
  • Because the CPM’s and CPC’s in Facebook are lower and the conversion rates are higher, your costs-per-lead and costs-per-sale will typically be lower from Facebook ads than from Instagram ads.

We almost always have some ads running on Instagram for clients, unless it’s hurting overall performance. However, the contribution of Instagram ads to leads and sales overall has not been big. The overwhelming majority of results come from Facebook placements, not Instagram ones.


Does the fact that Facebook ads are more effective than Instagram ads mean you shouldn’t market on Instagram?

Not at all!

Instagram is a unique and promising social network for marketers, and likely will grow in value to businesses over time.

And for those who are marketing organically without ads, Instagram may be a very effective option.

However, for advertisers, Facebook is still far and above the more effective network and, for most businesses, should represent a much larger ad spend investment than Facebook.

There are always exceptions- there are certain types of businesses that may find Instagram more effective, and if you “crack the code,” so to speak with a clever ad concept, you may find yourself getting amazing results.

You should absolutely experiment with Instagram ads if you feel it makes sense for you.

And as you read above, Instagram story ads may be a real CPC opportunity for website clicks.