PODCAST: Video Tips, Comedy and “Picking People’s Brains”

One of my best friends in the marketing world, Jason Miller…

  • A man I’ve been on cruises with (yeah I guess we’re old?)
  • A man I’ve studied VIRAL FACEBOOK MARKETING with (we did a landmark ebook called Contagious Content that guided over 100,000 marketers in how to create Facebook posts that get more shares)
  • A man born on the SAME DAY OF THE YEAR AS ME – we are astrological twins!!!
  • A man I’ve watched STEVE VAI play guitar with MY WIFE with…

Jason Miller formerly of Marketo now of LinkedIn interviewed me for his podcast, which rocks as much as he does… We talked about:

  • Should we just do talking heads in live video?
  • Why does Brian have a green screen?
  • Should you let people pick your brain over coffee?
  • Professional quality video tips- start for less than $200!

Check it out.

Where to Get Your Next Awesome Marketing or Brand Idea

It’s a noisy world and a noisy marketplace. Content marketing is driving almost everybody to create more stuff. But you need to stand out to get attention for your products and services. And to stand out you need a great brand and great marketing ideas.

Where do they come from? How can you reliably generate a lot more great ideas?

Kathy Klotz-Guest, Gary Ware and I have found that the games and exercises from improv comedy can generate great marketing and branding ideas. That’s right, the same games that make you laugh when watching Whose Line Is It Anyway could power your next business success!

Yes, some are funny, some are serious and some are too over-the-top, but you usually get some truly viable ideas… one of which just might be the next Old Spice “I’m on a Horse”, Gangnam style, or Blendtec.

Here are some of our previous sessions:

Uh Oh, Content Marketing Ideas Improvised Live!

The Improv Content Marketing team (go check out Kathy Klotz-Guest and Gary Ware elsewhere too) is back at it again, and this time, we made the foolish commitment to try to improvise content ideas live on camera! Well, it mostly turned out pretty good, considering how it might have gone. No, actually I was pretty impressed- it could have been horrible and there were some pretty cool ideas here.

What can you do with this? If your team has been brainstorming but doesn’t have the improv background, you might use this as a touchstone- hopefully we’re modeling support and a willingness to voice ideas that might be dumb or might be brilliant- and only if you’re willing to take that risk will the best stuff come out.

How to Get Massively Creative with Content Marketing Through Improv

Kathy Klotz-Guest, Gary Ware and I discuss how to harness improv and brainstorming to create better content marketing!