80% of new businesses fail. That means four out of five business owners have the wrong idea. If most business owners agree with you, you may be missing something.

You’d better do something weird.

You need to be that one person the other four business owners think is an idiot.

Idiot and idiosyncracy come from the same word. The antonym of idiot is genius, or natural ability. From what I’ve seen, many geniuses are called idiots by the 80%. Most of the people we call geniuses now needed 50 years of history to be called that.

If you’re following the crowd, you can bet that you’re going to face huge competition.

The crowd can’t do anything but follow each other. They don’t have any other ideas.

Do Something Weird.

P.S. What the crowd thinks is wise now, is what some “idiot” was doing a year ago. But the idiot is still ahead of them now, doing something they don’t get.

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Brian Carter is a popular digital marketer and keynote speaker with Fortune 500 clients like NBC, Microsoft and Humana as well as small businesses who delivers motivational keynotes with practical takeaways based his ad agency’s 15 years of daily cutting-edge work driving awareness, leads and sales for their business clients. His agency, The Brian Carter Group, creates marketing that excites customers and increases brand visibility, sales and loyalty. Brian is a bestselling author you’ve probably seen on Bloomberg TV or in Inc, Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times. He has over 250,000 online fans and reaches over 3 million people per year.

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