72% of employers struggle to find relevant candidates.

At the Brian Carter Group, we’ve helped multiple companies find job candidates very affordably using social and digital advertising campaigns.

We’ve done this in many labor categories. Just to name a few: office, executive, manufacturing, warehouse, finance, accounting, health and insurance.

CASE STUDY: With our proven social and digital recruiting strategies, we drive new job applicants for PrideStaff at costs 75% more affordable than Careerbuilder. Our marketing consistently has a greater impact on their recruiting than any other traffic source, including Indeed.com.

Does your organization need more specific talent or bigger workforce numbers? We can help.

Many companies feel they have great cultures, but they may not be doing everything they could with social media or marketing to attract the workforce they need.

For example: If you have a job fair, how many people know about it? Are the people you want to attend your job fair actually able to show up?

The Real Stats About Your Future Workforce

  • 86% of your best candidates are already employed and not looking for a new job. Are you reaching out to them directly, right now?
  • Top candidates typically are available for only 10 days between jobs. That’s not enough time to only recruit people who are looking for jobs.
  • Career opportunity is the #1 reason people switch jobs. Are people seeing your organization as a big opportunity to switch over to?

Most employers and recruiters say that they believe the job market is candidate-driven… that employees are in control!

So how do you take action on this, reach great candidates and convince them to consider working with you?

We can help you show the candidates you want how your culture is a great fit for them.

We help solve recruitment problems with social media, marketing campaigns and ads.

We can target candidates of all demographics, locations, at all income and and seniority levels.

These campaigns reach out to people- whether they’re looking for a job right now or not- and convince them that your organization is the kind of place they’d like to be.

If you’re interested in these results for your company, contact us today!

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