Brian is a keynote speaker and a digital marketer, so it’s natural that other keynote speakers started asking him for help getting more keynote engagements through online marketing.

Brian has been in helping speakers marketing online for eight years now, driving leads and speaking engagements for some of the top motivational speakers in the business, networking and working with top speaker bureaus and meeting planners, agents, salespeople, conferences and events.

Together with Wynn Solutions, SPEAK, Executive Speakers, Next Level Speaker Services and Keynote Speakers Mark Eaton, Bruce Himelstein, Garrison Wynn and others, we have seen what does and does not work. We’ve taught speaker seminars. We’ve tried things that have worked great. We’ve seen speakers succeed and we’ve seen them fail, and we’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way. It can be a tough business. A lot of people want to be keynote speakers. A lot of people want to get paid to be in the spotlight. Few people succeed in the keynote speaking business, because few have what it takes and do what is required.

At BCG we’re able to help the speakers who have what it takes and who do what they need to, because we can add fuel to their fire.

If you have the fire- in other words, if you’re already able to get some paid keynote bookings, then we can get you more of them. We can accelerate it.

We know which digital advertising and marketing options work, and we know how to run them. We’ve analyzed the keynote speaking industry, its seasonality, over $1 million in advertising, all the search terms, and all of our own data to figure out the best things to do for speakers.

From that we created a custom keynote speaker marketing program.

This keynote speaker lead gen program is a combination of ads, videos, website and copywriting. This program does increase speaking opportunities for keynote speakers, when they spend the recommended budget and stick with it.

Sometimes their website needs improving first, if it doesn’t convert well, and then they get even more keynotes than ever!

The Brian Carter Group Keynote Speaker Marketing Program:

  • Google Ads
  • Retargeting Ads
  • YouTube Pre-Roll Ads
  • Social Media Ads

Google Ads for More Keynote Speaking Leads: These work because you show up when people are searching for keynote speakers or the kind of speaker you are, or the topics you speak on. These are the most important strategy you can engage in. Most speakers don’t realize that a lot of speaker bureaus only place speakers who are in demand, and you can’t create demand unless you show up where meeting planners are looking. Google is where most of them look first. Many meeting planners aren’t professionals. They’ve never booked a speaker before, and they have no idea what to do- so they Google it.

But even if they also end up on a bureau site, if they saw your Google ad and they mention you to the bureau, now the bureau is being asked about YOU, and suddenly: you’re in demand Because of the Google ad.

When there is no demand for you, you have to create that demand.

Paying for Google ads is one way to create that demand.

Retargeting Ads: Retargeting is how you keep showing up to people after they click to your website. Booking a speaker is a process that takes time. When they’re undecided, and looking at other speakers, too, you want to keep popping up on the their computer and phone on other websites. They’ll think you’re a big deal. Because you are, right?

YouTube Pre-Roll Ads: These are those videos that show before your YouTube video- but they’ll mainly show to people who are looking for speakers, because we’ll target them in a smart way. Meeting planners need to see your videos to know they want to book you. This is how you make that happen automatically, even while you’re busy doing other things.

Social Media Ads: Not everybody is looking for a speaker right now. Some times of year, meeting planners are doing other things. But you want them to know about you for later, so that when they’re thinking about the next event, they’re already thinking about you. Interrupt them now and get into their head.

Target the right people- meeting planners and people in the categories you care about- whether it’s healthcare or safety or CEO’s or associations or whatever- and start becoming known to these meeting planners ahead of time. Then you’re already a famous speaker to them when they start considering you later. You have a leg up. You’re not some unknown that has to prove themselves quite as much.

The Cost: The combination of fees and recommended spend is $6,000 a month (although you can certainly spend more and get bigger results). That’s what it takes to run a strong speaker ad campaign. That’s a hefty fee for some people, but if you’re already getting paid keynotes, it may cost you less than one keynote per month.

So, if you get just one additional keynote a month from the marketing program, it’s worth it. Just breaking even, you’re getting out and speaking more, building opportunities and experience. Two keynotes and you’re profiting. One of our speakers, for example, is now getting three times the keynote leads he was getting just 6 months ago. Last month he got 22 leads.

Term: Marketing and advertising programs usually take 3-6 months to develop. We have to get to know you, your materials, your videos, etc. But we already know the speaker world, the keywords and the social ad targeting, so we can get off and running pretty quickly.

As long as your website converts at 1% – 3% or higher conversion rate (do you have Google Analytics and can you check?), you should see results that make you feel good about the investment within no more than a couple of months.

Contact us for more info and to find out if we have an open spot for a keynote speaker client right now!

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