I got on Twitter in 2008, at first protesting that, “I have too much of a life to be on Twitter!”

Turns out I was wrong. I was working on the opposite coast from my wife and I had very little life, and quickly, most of it was in social media! I even did the first-ever live online Twitter standup comedy show… which was basically me tweeting all my one-liners out over a 30 minute period.

Once I got the hang of it, my followers shot up to 8,000 pretty quickly… and eventually into the tens of thousands.

Twitter gets me more website views and blog post reads than any other social traffic source… because Facebook people, unless you use ads to drive them to your website, tend to stay on Facebook more.

How to Get More Twitter Followers

The hang of it is: follow other people and interact with them. Every so often, unfollow the ones who haven’t followed you back. Two steps forward, one step back.

You can do this easily for free with Tweepi, in 10 minutes or less per day.

You don’t want to get just any followers- you want the ones that you can help, and can help you. You want potential customers. So find someone with a Twitter account who has the followers you want, and follow their followers.

If you don’t have the time for Tweepi, I’d recommend a new service called Zeek. Its founder, Tom, contacted me and gave me a free trial. All he asked for was some input on what kind of followers I was looking for.

The results have been great.

And seeing my new followers’ interaction level, I’d say Zeek-sourced followers are at least as targeted if not better targeted than what I got with my own efforts.

Zeek Automated Twitter Growth

Here’s what Tom says about his service:

“Zeek is a Twitter account management service with a lazer-focus on follower acquisition and engagement. You indicate to us your ideal audience, and we know how to target and engage them intelligently.

“Basically, we’ve developed a growth hacking system that we’ve streamlined to enable scale and reduced costs for agencies like yourself.

“All of the agency clients that we’ve onboarded are delighted, and the success stories have been nothing short of extraordinary. With some accounts acquiring thousands of new followers month after month, with engagement through the roof.

“Here are a few quick screenshots breaking down the growth, targeting, and engagement of one of our clients over a 6 month period:




For more info on how to get Zeek, contact me with our contact form to the right!

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