Driving Super-Affordable Job Applicants With Facebook Ads

STRATEGY:¬†We’ve been working with a variety of companies to drive job applicants and employees via Facebook ads for four years now. Instead of traditional ways of getting job applicants, or waiting for people to apply, this is a more proactive way, using newer technology, to reach out to the ideal target job candidates right now.

It’s worked for all kinds of job areas, including: office workers, executives, warehouse, welders, general labor, finance, manufacturing, accountants, healthcare and insurance.

This is an example of an ad for warehouse and industrial jobs.

RESULTS: This ad drives job applicants at under $4.00 each; compare that to an average of $20.00 from Careerbuilder. That’s 5x as many job applicants.

TAKEAWAY: The keys to success here are targeting and matching the ad text and image to the targeting. Sometimes the ad creative can be relatively no-brainer; it just needs to be relevant and appropriate. In some industries it will backfire to get too crazy or creative. Make sure you do the basics of correlating ad creative to your targeting. But keep testing ad images to find the best results.

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