[Infographic] Why Webinars Are One of the Highest-Profit Content Marketing Strategies

Webinars are one of the most effective content marketing strategies. Marketers consistently rank them first or near the top, with only in-person events and case studies ahead of them. Unlike many types of content marketing, webinars can lead quickly to sales, and thus short-term ROI (your CFO is jumping up and down and clapping). But they have other benefits too, depending on how you use them:

  • Webinars can drive lead generation
  • Webinars can prompt a faster buying decision
  • Webinars can drive customer engagement
  • Webinars can create loyalty and improve customer retention

But a lot of webinars suck. Before I ever conducted a webinar, back in my agency days, I watched tons of them. My attention waned as the speaker droned on and on. Perhaps the webinar title promised greatness but the content was too basic, or the whole thing was just a veiled sales pitch. My employees agreed they were often time-wasters.

Webinars are a great way for experts to partner with businesses. The expert lends their credibility to the company while getting paid to teach. I’ve been fortunate to be hired for paid webinars by companies that include Microsoft, Citrix, Marketo, Mediapost, and Instant E-Training. (If you want me to do one for your company, click here!)

So, to create an EFFECTIVE webinar that gets high participant ratings and makes the sponsoring company happen, combine

  • Best Practices and Practical Takeaways so participants get a return on their time,
  • Success Stories that prove you aren’t full of crap, and
  • Entertainment value that keeps people awake.

Tech Content Marketing Infographic Series: Webinars

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