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The SuperPost Swipe File

The SuperPost Swipe File is full of the best posts we’ve ever run for our Facebook clients. It also shows how you can adapt them to your own business to massively increase engagement on your Facebook page. Most posts get about 1% engagement rate (percentage of those who see the post and like it, increasing the visibility of that post). These posts received 10% to 16% engagement rates.

Download: Facebookize Worksheet

Thanks for your interest in Facebookize. If you are thorough with the Facebookize process as described on our blog:

  • It will dramatically improve your Facebook marketing results (I’ve seen it triple post interactions and website clicks)
  • It will revolutionize how you think about your customers.
  • It will lead to improved ideas for products, services and marketing.
  • It will filter down to customer service and strengthen your customer loyalty.

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Created by: Brian Carter

Contagious Content ebook by Brian Carter and Marketo

Download: Contagious Content

Contagious Content: What People Share On Facebook and Why They Share It

Created by: Brian Carter and Marketo