Business Building Video Interview with Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner

You’ve heard of Social Media Examiner and the Social Media Marketing World conference?

Michael Stelzner launched Social Media Examiner in October of 2009 and it has exploded. Last year more than 7.5 million visited the site, and they email tips daily to more than 230,000 people. Mike is also the author of two books (Launch & Writing White Papers) and is host of the Social Media Marketing Podcast. He also founded the parenting blog My Kids’ Adventures.

I interviewed him on the topic of Business Building: starting from scratch or how to grow an existing business, specifically in the digital age. Great answers. If you run a business or are thinking about starting one, watch this now!

Brian Carter – Essential Reading

Hi! If you’re new to digital marketing or social media or just to Brian Carter, you ought to take a look at this “required reading” list. Things by Brian:
  • Free ebook: Contagious Content: What People Share on Facebook and Why They Share It – If you want to create Facebook posts that get shared like crazy, execute the takeaways from this research study on your own Facebook posts. Everything in Contagious Content is valid. Read it to get more likes and shares on your posts.
  • Free ebook: The SuperPost Swipe File™ – The best posts we’ve ever run for Facebook clients and how you can adapt them to your own business to massively increase engagement on your Facebook page. Most posts get about 1% engagement rate (percentage of those who see the post and like it, increasing the visibility of that post). These posts received 10% to 16% engagement rates.
  • Free benchmarks: How do you know if you’re getting good enough Facebook results? Or how awesome it could get? Read this.
  • Free marketing guide: Without great copywriting, nothing you do will sell. No one will care. To write persuasively and get more sales, you need marketing molecules.
  • Book: The Like Economy (2nd Edition): How Businesses Make Money With Facebook – If you’re new to Facebook marketing, want to make sure your strategy is sound, or want to get better at the tactics that get the best results, read this first. This is the best book if you want to get the most bang for your buck with Facebook. To take it even further, get into my Facebook Leads and Sales Machine training course.
  • Book: The Cowbell Principle: Career Advice on How to Get Your Dream Job and Make More Money – Just like Will Ferrell’s goofy cowbell player in the Saturday Night Live sketch “More Cowbell,” you already possess a unique value that people have a fever for – your cowbell. For individuals, a cowbell is a talent or gift. For businesses, it’s a durable competitive advantage. The key to happiness and success is knowing who you are and how you can make other people happy. A cowbell gives your value to people and they love you for it.
Other books I recommend. Of hundreds of non-fiction books I’ve read, I believe these are the most important. If you already like my writing and speaking, these will take you even further:

More for Tiger Rock Franchisees!

Tiger Rock Franchisees, thanks so much for having me. The following link is a copy of the presentation I gave in New Orleans on January 10th, 2015.

How To Facebook (And Tweet) For Awareness Interaction & Web Traffic (PDF) <– right-click and save-as

Enjoy, and don’t miss the follow-up webinar!