The Only 5 Ways Small Businesses Can Do Digital Marketing and Social Media

Most small business owners want: More publicity More sales More leads and More new customers Some businesses need them desperately. Business owners hear you can get these things from social media… or digital marketing… or Facebook ads or Google ads, and they want it NOW. But many discover the hard way that it’s not that as easy as it sounds. In my keynotes, I speak to groups of retailers, franchisees and other small business owners , giving tips and advice based on 20 years of digital and social media work, spending millions of advertising and marketing dollars for clients… I […]

2018 Marketing Director Survey Part 1/2

If you aren’t aware of it, some amazing people have been putting out a great survey for a number of years. It’s called The CMO Survey, and it asks marketing directors, VP’s of marketing and others key questions to figure out what’s going on with marketing and where we’re headed. We wanted to bring more awareness not just to the great work done by Christine Moorman, her team and those at Deloitte, Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, and the American Marketing Association, but also to the trends uncovered by the latest survey. We, of course, had some of our own opinions […]

Why Do Social Media & Community Building Actually Work?

The Ecommerce Times was recently writing an article on social media community building and reached out to 15-year digital marketing expert and 10-year social marketing expert Brian Carter for an interview. ECT published some of his responses in this article, “5 Ways to Build Community Around Your Brand.” If you liked that, here are Brian’s complete responses! Q1. Why is it important to build social or community around a brand? When we do social for clients, part of that is building engagement and awareness around a brand and its offerings. In a time where a lot of digital experts have gravitated […]

risk graphics


Everybody wants results from digital marketing. But what works for you and your business and your customer is different than what works for everyone else. You can try to follow formulas and systems, and they’ll work to a point, but there is always testing and looking at results and optimizing. Sometimes you find something awesome and creative that drives huge results… But new creative often doesn’t work. It’s risky to try new things. Testing and learning is expensive. Not testing, not creating, isn’t the answer either- you’ll never get noticed- you’ll never learn- but there’s a cost to learning. And […]

Academic References for My Keynotes

I love talking to audience members who come up to me after my keynotes :-) Typically, they’re business owners, execs or marketers who want to learn more, or are excited about one ideas or another, or perhaps they really enjoyed the entertainment portion of it, or they want to hire my agency or have me speak somewhere else. More rarely, someone comes up who is a very smart peer or industry consultant or vendor who wants to get into depth on the details. I recently had one of those at my ARN 2018 talk to airport operators and concessionaires. She was very […]

Airport Revenue Digital Marketing & Social Media Keynote Interview with Brian Carter

In March, Brian will be speaking about how to drive more visits and revenue with digital marketing and social media to airport operators and concessionaires like Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and TGI Friday’s at the annual Airport Revenue News conference in Orlando. Here’s an excerpt of his interview with ARN! Ward: What are some key mistakes that you see companies making? Carter: I think one of the biggest mistakes is opinion versus facts. We now have data – we can test whether the customer likes our branding. If you listen to the wrong information, or your information is out of date or […]

How To Bridge The Offline/Online Customer Experience Successfully

Nowadays, the average customer journey can be rather complicated. Consumers expect retail experiences that are smooth, seamless, and most importantly, omnichannel. As a result, retailers must look at how they can optimize their strategies to offer a holistic presence – bringing together both online and offline operations. Econsultancy tells us that “nearly 40% of online searchers make a purchase after being influenced by an offline channel”. In maintaining an online and offline presence, it can sometimes prove challenging trying to connect the two. With that in mind, here are some tips for bridging the offline/online customer experience successfully. Keeping things […]

Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Marketers Who Don’t Implement

What’s the danger of working with strategists who don’t implement? They can get stuck in theory, or third-hand information that’s speculative, not based in fact. You need marketing and sales results and you don’t want to waste time or money. You can’t afford to go on theories that sound good- you need best practices based in data and experience. What’s Your Source For Marketing Best Practices? I’ve always wondered where social media generalists get their strategy ideas from. New articles? Blog posts? Rumors? I’ve seen repeatedly in the last decade situations where the most insightful case studies were not published because […]

UNMUTE Your Business

A life, business and marketing lesson I learned from my first voice lesson with an OPERA SINGING teacher. Yes, really! Oh, and James Brown. Make it funky! What happened? Singing! I went and got my first singing lesson The first, most basic thing he taught me was to hold your head up and keep your mouth open really wide. It was really uncomfortable!  It was just me and the voice teacher in the room- but people who don’t even exist are making fun of me… There’s no one there making fun of me but in my head people are criticizing me. […]

3 Simple Steps to Build a Social Media Marketing Sales Funnel

Originally posted on SME Are you looking for a smart way to use social channels for lead conversion? Are you tracking and leveraging your target customers’ path to buying your product? Collecting fans and followers is one thing, converting them to paying customers can be quite another. That is, unless you have a customized sales funnel in place. In this article you’ll discover how to put together a marketing and sales funnel with the right channels and key trackable metrics. You’ll also find advice on how to test and tweak your funnel for maximum boost. Why Is Your Marketing and Sales Funnel Such […]