3 Changes To Make To Your Social Posts And Profiles To Help Grow Your Following

Because you want your business to be as successful as possible, you also likely want to have your online followings through various social media platforms to grow as large as they can as well. But just because this is something that you want to have happen doesn’t necessarily mean that it will come easy to you. 

If you’ve found that a lot of your social media efforts have not proven to be as successful as you may have liked, here are three changes you can make to your social media posts and profiles to help grow your following. 

Start Holding More Contests

While it’s wise to be thoughtful about the content that you’re creating and posting on your social media channels, to really see some growth, you might need to get a little more creative with what your social media posts are offering to people on each platform. 

One option you might want to try is to hold more contests where people who follow you or take certain steps can be entered to win some kind of giveaway. People love getting free things. So if you’re able to offer something to people who follow you or share your posts to their own followings, you could see a big uptick in how many people follow you online and interact with your post. 

Ride The Line Between Selling and Sharing

Take a look at the posts that you’ve been sharing recently. If they haven’t been getting you more followers or raising your interactions levels, you might want to consider more closely following the line between sharing and selling.

If your social media posts are too salesy, your followers will be less inclined to share your posts or interact with them. Additionally, if your social media posts are focused too heavily on just sharing content that has very little promotional value to your business, you won’t see the growth you’re wanting. But if you can ride this line appropriately by making your posts right in between being salesly and simply sharing, you could find a lot more success with growing your following. 

Post Content That Others Will Want To Share

There are a lot of things that you yourself can do to help grow your social followings. But what might prove to be more beneficial to you is getting your current followers to help you by posting content that they’ll want to share with their own followers. 

To best do this, try posting more content that showcases your own opinions—or opinions that are currently polarizing. You can also post things that showcase data that your followers may not have seen before or news and trends that may pique their interest. By knowing your target audience and your followers, you can choose which content you think they’ll find more interesting and want to share on their own. 

If one of your business goals is to grow your social media following, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how this can best be done.