Facebook Posting

Want to boost your engagement and better understand your customers? We can find out what they love, what they want and what their dreams are. We “hack your customers’ brains” via Facebook’s open graph, your Facebook Page and advertising account. We discover their values, beliefs and preferences and cheerlead for them. This boosts your engagement rate and visibility to unheard of levels and will reduce the cost per engagement on your post promotions (boosting).

  • Analysis of previous posts, the Facebook open graph and your existing fan base to understand what they like and share.
  • Creation of one new, custom post per day- 90 posts per quarter.
  • Better engagement results every month- we believe a 1% engagement rate is the minimum, but we strive to get to 3-5% and higher.
  • Through posting and post analysis, we bring you insights about your customers’ thinking and emotions that you can use to get better results with other marketing strategies.

Term: 3 month minimum. Prices vary, contact us for more info.