Content Marketing

lead gen ebooks whitepapersContent creation is the name of the game… and more and more, a necessary marketing ingredient if you want to:

  • Stand out in the marketplace
  • Persuade your prospects to buy
  • Build a stronger relationship with your customers

E-books and whitepapers help you generate qualified leads your sales team can turn into customers. Growing your email list to repeatedly reach prospects is a best practice in online marketing.

  • E-books: With eBooks, the focus is on excitement, readability and design. The goal is to start a relationship with potential customers by helping them and activating an emotional bond. Ebook is 25-50 pages long, built in PowerPoint and delivered as a PDF.
  • Whitepapers: With whitepapers, the focus is on objectivity, credibility and persuasion. The goal is to prove rationally that your company is the better choice. Whitepaper is 8-15 pages long, built in MS Word and delivered as a PDF.
  • Animated Explainer Video: Animated videos with music and a voiceover create a positive impression, help simplify complicated concepts and hammer home the benefits customers will receive from you. Every step of the way we write and you approve the outline, the script, the animation, the voiceover and the music.
  • Blogging: We interview your internal experts, marketers and salespeople to create blog posts that are informative, inspiring, highly shareable and, most importantly, bring your prospects closer to the buying decision. These blog posts are created to remain valid and valuable for a long time so that you can get ROI value from them for years. There are five fundamental blog posts every company needs. We recommend 2-3 new posts per month.

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