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Are you an executive, business owner or marketer who wants to go from good to great? Do you want to dominate your category? Having trouble getting more exposure, views, traffic, leads, sales or profits?

We provide best-in-class digital and social marketing results based in research and best practices on the strength of 100’s of case studies.

We combine data, psychology and creativity in a proven, repeatable process of continuous improvement that maximizes business results for your top goals.

Our secret sauce is a 3-Step Process of Continuous Improvement that we call F.I.T.

  • FIND the Facts About Your Customer: Market research based on the latest consumer data, both in general and specific to your ideal target customer.
  • INVENT Research-Based Creativity: Original creative personalized to FIT your customer, based in both doctoral level psychology and copywriting best practices to directly influence their behavior.
  • TEST scientifically, measurement and data analysis of what works and doesn’t work with your specific customer to achieve continuous improvement in results.

Led by a thought leader in digital marketing for over a decade, with unparalleled digital, social marketing knowledge and strategic insight, a network of influencers and experts, and a track record of stellar results for many clients, there’s a good chance we can solve your unique problems and take your marketing and sales results to the next level. And if not, we can refer you to someone who can.

BCG cannot work with every company, but we hope we’re a good fit with you! See who we work with on our clients page.

Get a free 15-minute phone call with Brian to discuss your situation and goals and find out if it’s a fit on both sides. Contact us using the form to the right.

BCG Services Include

  • Strategy & Consulting
    • Digital Marketing Audit
    • Website Analytics Audit
    • AdWords Audits
    • Facebook Marketing Audit
    • Social Media Audit
    • SEO Website Audit
    • Site Redesign SEO Transition Plan
    • SEO Review of Redesigned Site
  • Advertising Management
    • AdWords Advertising
    • Facebook Advertising
    • Instagram Advertising
    • YouTube Advertising
  • Content Marketing
    • Facebook Post Creation & Management
    • Instagram Post Creation & Management
    • Video Creation
  • Marketing & Sales Funnel Development
    • Landing Page Split-Testing
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Speaking & Training
    • Keynote Speaking
    • Employee Training

For more details about the services and pricing, please contact us using the form to the right.

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