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How to Get 1,000 Facebook Video Views for $4.37


Facebook Views 4.37Wowza, we’ve hit new performance levels for Facebook ads for video for one of our clients: $0.004 per video view… that’s 1,000 video views for $4.37… because my wife and co-Facebook advertising expert Lynda Harvey-Carter is a hard workin’ Facebook ad genius…

And yes, this is to U.S. audiences…

How did we do it?

First, we spent time testing the targeting audiences and the creative with page posts and lead gen ads.

So we’ve been learning

  • Which targets work best and which don’t, and
  • What kinds of creative (images, headlines, copy) they respond to and which they don’t.

You have to always be:

  • Understanding your customer better and better and then
  • Creating ads that stimulate their emotions more and more

That means creating 5-10 ads at a time. If you only create one or two ads, you’re doomed. Even if you’re testing just one video, you can:

  • Show it to different targets
  • Write different phrases above that video to pre-frame how they think about that video

Don’t make just one video- make 3 videos or 5 videos. You don’t know which video  is going to be a hit. No matter how smart or experienced they are, even expert marketers often guess wrong.

Let the customers tell you what’s amazing. How? By putting a lot more creative in front of them. You’re not the customer, even if you are, because you’re too close to it. You know too much.

Keep in mind that a “video view” on Facebook is really just 3 seconds.

In this case, we achieved 30-second views for 2.7 cents each, which is super affordable.

But the point is, you’ve got to hook them at the beginning (give them a reason to watch to the end) and don’t make your videos too long.

The next level with video advertising is learning how to get people to stay with the video…

…most people don’t think about videos this way yet, because they assume that everyone will watch the whole video. But analytics tell us that’s just not so.

Go to the analytics for any of your YouTube videos, and look at the retention graphs.

You’ll see something like this:

You lose a ton of people right away, and you lose more continually. Only the hardcore viewers stick… unless you get clever with your structure.

For example:

  1. (0:01 – 0:03) GRAB ATTENTION: How do you get them to watch (and turn on sound)?
  2. (0:04 – 0:10) HOOK/PROMISE/MYSTERY: How do you get them to stay til the end? This doesn’t have to be a promise you’ll give them something, but could be that you’ll tell them something, show them something, or even more subtly, you’ll answer a question that has developed in their head, which you may have asked outright, or you may have caused them to ask in their head- a mystery! Another example of this kind of thing you’ve probably seen is those list posts 10 Whatevers and #3 Changed My Life!
  3. (0:30 – 1:00) The longer your video is, the more you have to think about KEEPING ATTENTION or GRABBING ATTENTION ANEW and
  4. (1:00 – 1:10) REHOOK/RESTATE PROMISE that’s coming before the end of the video or even
  5. (1:11 – 1:30) ADD ANOTHER PROMISE OR MYSTERY for later in the video

Do video ads get clicks and leads and sales? They can, but keep in mind that…

Every Facebook ad has one goal.

  • If you want clickthroughs, use a website click ad.
  • If you want conversions, use a conversion ad.

If you’re not using Ad Manager or Power Editor, you won’t know what I’m talking about. You can’t do this with “boost posts.” If you’re still boosting posts, you’re in Facebook Ad Kindergarten. Time to grow up and use the big kid tools 🙂

That means a robust FB ad account needs multiple campaigns with multiple ad goals. You want to hit your customers with multiple types of ads that each have a different goals. Start there.

That said, if you run enough variations, you will find some post promo ads or video ads that lead to clickthroughs and conversions, but conversions from video ads will usually be more expensive than those from website conversion ads. Often the CPC from post promo ads or video ads is $1-2 or more… and that’s high for Facebook ads. But if you’re using conversion ads, we’ve seen $0.11 leads, $0.54 leads, $2.00 leads… so expect video ads to get you video exposure, nothing more. Anything else is a bonus.

In some cases, a video helps you more on the landing page than in the ad, if you’re thinking about cost per sale. Even then, sometimes images do better than videos. Are you split-testing your landing pages? Don’t assume anything. “Videos will convert better,” is an assumption.

All of this stuff- the strategy, and the how to create and optimize the ads, is in my Facebook Advertising Leads and Sales Course… Get in there so I can teach you everything!

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!

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