20 Social Media Posts So Viral They’ve Started the Zombie Apocalypse

These are the last week’s most popular posts on the planet. It’s going to be a little bit shocking to a lot of people, because humans like things that other humans are astounded by- sometimes even offended by.

You mean people really like [lady gaga/jesus/buzzfeed/college humor/fox/cnn/al jazeera]? Yes, they do.

This is live and always up-to-date, thanks to an InfiniGraph WidgetHub. Click on any post to go to the original.

They’re from the 54 most interactive social presences we’ve found (including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). And we’ve included some brands that people may think are popular, even if they never have posts that are as popular as Buzzfeed or Lady Gaga. If you think we’ve missed an important popular page, comment below and we’ll add it to the feed.

Here are the brands included in the list: ABC News, ABERCROMBIE & FITCH, Al Jazeera Network, Baby Trend, BabyCenter, Barack Obama, bebe, BuzzFeed, Christian Dior, CNN, Coca-Cola, CollegeHumor, Cristiano Ronaldo, Discovery Channel, Earth Porn, Essence Online, Facebook, Food Network, FunnyorDie.com, George Takei, GoPro , Hot Moms Club, Humans of New York, IGN, Jesus Daily, Katy Perry, Kobe Bryant, Lady Gaga, Leo Messi, Live Nation, Mashable, msnbc.com, MTV, NBA, Oreo, Parents Magazine, People Magazine, PetFlow, Samsung Mobile, Shakira, Sprout, Starbucks, Target, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Onion, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Top Gear, upworthy, Victoria’s Secret, Walmart, Word Porn

[If it’s not right here, wait a sec for it to load]

Granted, we are leaving out countries like China that aren’t super active in social media with the rest of us… but otherwise, these are things human beings like and share.

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