This Kind of Teamwork Will Make You Cry Then Laugh Then Wonder Why We Worship The Individual


Hear it from Magic, Shaq, Pop and more. This isn’t about an underdog winning by himself. This is the pro sports version of Hoosiers, which is all about the kind of victory that can only come from a group. If the Spurs win this year and the Heat lose, it’s because the Heat aren’t the team they used to be.

The NBA is the best basketball in the world. And at this level, one star can’t win it all. Not even two stars. It takes a ton of talent AND sacrifice AND practice learning to play together to win in this league.

The question for us, my friends, is can we enjoy and celebrate this? Can we create a culture where no one shines at the expense of the others? Do we have the guts to stop supporting egotism and narcissism? Or is individualism too deeply rooted in us?

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