Brian and his team work with clients of all sizes, from small business to medium sized to Fortune 500 companies, both B2B and B2C, in every industry. Instead of limiting our experience to one industry, we adapt the best strategies and tactics anywhere to your company and industry. Some of our better known clients include Microsoft, NBC, The U.S. Army, Universal Studios, The World Health Organization, Chloraseptic, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. The Carter Group also works with agencies for search and social audits and to execute specific services for their clients.


Facebook Marketing & Advertising:
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  • Ecommerce:
    • Spent $6,500 in FB ads received $144,000 in pizza delivery orders, which is a 2,200% ROI.
    • Attorney: $100,000 new case within just a few hundred dollars of ad spend.
    • Dog breeders: 6,300% ROI
    • Fast Food Restaurant in Savannah, GA $65,000 extra revenue in 30 days
    • Financial Event: 305 registrations at $71.34 each
    • Cruise bookings: $34 – $120 each
  • Lead generation: 
    • Def Leppard Cruise: $0.12 Leads
    • Electronics Marketplace: $0.54 leads
    • Marketing Site for Musicians: $2.14 per New User
    • Marketing Agency: $22 leads
    • Intellisuite Cloud Hosting: $29 per lead
    • Often under $5-10, and even the toughest B2B ones can be had (with work) for under $30.
  • Page post engagement: One of our thousands of Facebook posts got 6 engagements per penny spent on post promotion ads, 86,000 likes and 35,000 shares from 424,000 people for under $200 total spend.
  • Video promotion: We ‘ve created ads that perform as affordably as $0.004 per video view.
  • Healthcare: Multiple well-known OTC healthcare brands. Recent best performance in 2014 includes growing tends of thousands of fans for less than $0.20 and Facebook post promotion at $0.01 per engagement or less. Monthly reach greater than 10 million.
  • Recruiting: Three recruiting brands. Grew fans and engagement. Used Facebook psychographics and post analysis to increase average post engagement to >2.0%.
  • Ecommerce: Spent $6,500 in FB ads received $144,000 in pizza delivery orders, which is a 2,200% ROI.
  • Lead Gen for a sports picks service. Lowered their cost per new user from $25.00 to $4.72. Reached 18.5 million people in 1.5 months for less than $3,000 spend.
  • Tech: Inbound lead gen for InfiniGraph to grow users and demo requests.
  • Events: Cruise event promotion. Drove sales for Moody Blues Cruise and Cruise to The Edge. Reached 7.6 million relevant musical group fans and drove 125,341 web visitors at $0.18 cost per click.
  • Radio: Helped a national radio network launch in three new markets. Boosted listenership, event attendance and third-party measured CUME score. $0.88 cost per new listener. Used multivariate ad testing to lower costs by 40%.
  • Tech: A hosting company- wrote a whitepaper and conducted Facebook ad lead gen test. Decreased cost per lead from $72 to $21.  Reached 766,574 executives and IT sysadmins.
  • Food Service: Two well-known fast food chains. Initiated campaigns to gain these fast food giants a total of 216,000 new fans. Best ad was $0.38 cost per fan.
  • Non-Profit: Helped a religious organization reach more than 29 million people, garner more than 238,000 clicks ($0.28 cost per click), secure 176,745 fans ($0.38 cost per fan).
  • Non-Profit: Women Create Life, a World Health Organization Project promoting equal rights, health and safety for women worldwide using Facebook ads, Facebook posts and art. Starting in 2007, WHO commissioned Ms. Elisabetta Farina, the first artist to collaborate with WCL, the production of more than 90 paintings portraying women from all around the world. Since then WCL paintings have been shown in more than 40 exhibits in 20 different countries, reaching more than 50,000 people. From April 2012, and through an investment of around $6,000 in advertising, the WCL Facebook page grew from less than 1,000 (April ’12) to over 160,000 fans (December ’12) from 47 countries, the majority of them low-income. The average growth per month was of 26,000 fans. The majority of our followers come from developing countries, with the highest numbers in Pakistan (27.937), Egypt (16.641), Bangladesh (15.982), Nepal (12.570) and Philippines. From a gender distribution point of view the 57.4 % are women and the 42.5% are men, data which have been relatively constant from the opening of the page. 16,000 people on average engaged weekly with the page contents by commenting, “liking” and sharing, contributing to its visibility and triggering virality. The WCL Facebook page routinely reached at least 35% of its total audience through its posts. More than 60% of these were reached organically. Since its inception, more than 43 million people total around the world have been exposed to WCL messages, and almost 2 million new people are reached every month.
  • Entertainment: Fan growth and social strategy with the Cowboys & Aliens Facebook Page and Social Fan Wrap’s NASCAR promotion for the July 29, 2011 movie debut.
  • Retail: Two big West coast grocers under NDA – Managed Facebook ads to acquire 4,000 new fans for each of these grocers. Best ad was $0.54 cost per fan.
  • Retail: Black’s Photo Corporation (Canada) Facebook fan growth.
  • A beverage brand under NDA – Acquired 5-figure number of new followers for less than $0.20 per fan.
  • Hospitality: St Simon’s Island & Brunswick (Hodnett Cooper) – Managed Facebook page build-out and fan growth. Best ad was $0.06 CPC.
  • Hospitality: Vacation Myrtle Beach: With only contests, page management, and organic growth (no Facebook ads) we built their Facebook audience from 2,000 to 6,000; they’ve continued the strategies we implemented and are now at 13,000.
  • Financial: Market research and message testing for start-ups and new product launches including Friendly Bills.

Google AdWords  and YouTube advertising Management:
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  • AdWords audits and monthly services from numerous companies under NDA.
  • Healthcare: Managed ads for three well known OTC healthcare brands, all under $1.00 CPC.
  • Tech: Interhost YouTube pre-roll ads, achieved £0.07 cost per view.
  • Financial trading product in U.K. AdWords and YouTube advertising. Achieved $0.10 cost per video view and $39 cost per lead.
  • Hospitality: Vacation Myrtle Beach: With Fuel Interactive, I was responsible for their Social Media strategy. We created a quarterly contest called The Golden Ticket. We also handled their 6 figure AdWords spend. For hotel clients, we usually achieved a pay per click ROI of greater than 300% on general keywords (like “myrtle beach hotels”) and over 900% on their brand keywords (for example, “caravelle resort”).
  • Waste Mgmt: Junk-It, a Canadian junk removal and dumpster rental company.
  • Hospitality: Brittain Property Management: Also at Fuel Interactive, we handled their pay per click management of, at times, more than $1MM annual spend for 3-5 websites, and pushed up ROI while also devising innovative ways to create more websites to sell more room types at a variety of price points while remaining within AdWords’ double serving policies.
  • Travel: USAVE Car Rental: We managed the Myrtle Beach branch’s AdWords and got them a 900-1100% ROI on their spend.
  • Healthcare: Medical Device Company: Decreased their cost per lead by 64%. We were asked to lower the budget because we increased their leads beyond their salespeople’s ability to handle them.
  • Ecommerce: Express Wellies and GardenXL: AdWords management and expansion for two U.K. e-commerce websites. Optimization for greater ROI.

Digital Marketing and Specialized Audit & Recommendations

  • Financial: Goldline SEO Audit, 82 pages
  • Financial: SuperDerivatives SEO Internal Links Audit, 5 pages
  • Healthcare: Peridot SEO Audit, 51 pages
  • Healthcare: McDavid SEO Audit, 50 pages
  • Healthcare: Cancer Defeated Facebook Audit, 72 pages
  • Media: One Minute News, All Marketing Audit, 32 pages
  • Waste Management: JunkIt AdWords Audit, 13 pages
  • Language: Contrad, All Digital Marketing, Search and Social Audit, 102 pages

AdWords KickStart/Clean-up Projects:
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  • Artistic Polish Pottery: A small local craft business- a woman named JoAnna who creates who own polish pottery. She did extremely well after I optimized her AdWords account-
  • Secure Waste: A medical waste management company in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. Fixed account structure and tested ads to reduce CPC by 21% by improving Quality Score from an average of 4.5 to an average of 7.

Search Engine Optimization:
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  • SEO audits and monthly services for numerous companies under NDA.
  • Virginia Golf Vacations: Saved them from a web redesign that had lost them half their traffic. Restored that traffic within two weeks. Worked on three of their websites to boost their traffic 30% more via long-term SEO efforts.
  • Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday: Boosted their ranking for their favorite keyword from #6 to #3.
  • Vacation Myrtle Beach: We optimized nine of their websites were able to double traffic and revenue in the first year of our work with them.
  • Found and worked with 18 writers to add nearly 1000 new articles to The Pulse of Oriental Medicine. Reached the top ten for more than 500 terms.
  • CashiersNC. SEO for a local vacation rental company.
  • Right Windows Company. Vinyl windows manufacturer for contractors and consumers.

Content Creation

Email List Building
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  • Garnered more than 4,400+ new email sign ups for Clue Bar, a natural snack bar.

Video Consulting
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  • Helped ServInt develop a personalized video strategy for their business.
  • Humorous educational video used by U.S. Army in their 2011 BOSS Safety Factor training program
  • Consult on outline and contents of marketing videos for startups