Brian and his team work with clients of all sizes, from small business to medium sized to Fortune 500 companies, both B2B and B2C, in every industry.

Instead of limiting our experience to one industry, we adapt the best strategies and tactics we’ve found anywhere to your company and industry with the goal of making you #1 in your category.

Our approach includes audience research, custom original creative, ad optimization (AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), content creation, segmentation and personalization all to maximize customer response.

Some of our better known clients include Microsoft, NBC, The U.S. Army, Universal Studios, The World Health Organization, Chloraseptic, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s.

The Carter Group also plugs into agencies, sometimes on a white-label basis, to provide services to their clients.

A Selection of the 150+ Clients for Whom We’ve Managed Millions of Dollars in Ad Spend Over the Last 14 Years…

Awareness and Engagement Case Studies

  • National fast food chain: We tripled (3x) their fan growth rate when we our analysis and testing revealed that fans most engaged with bacon.
  • National B2C OTC drugstore brand: By focusing on the posts their fans love the most, we cut their cost per post like from $1.39 to 8 cents apiece, triggering 17x as much engagement and tripling (3x) their reach .
  • Inc 5000 Staffing company: We created, posted and advertised original social media content customized to discover their audience’s hot buttons and interests. The best post cost only 6 likes per penny spent and pulled in 86,225 likes, 35,285 shares and 424,832 reach for an ad spend of less than $250.
  • Home goods discount shopping club: Best video ad cost only $0.003 per view; the entire video campaign reached 700,000 people and delivered 83,000 30-second views and 210,000 10-second views for a $9,000 spend. An average of 1 cent per video view, 4 cents per 10-second video view and 11 cents per 30-second video view.
  • National insurance company: To get visitors to an infographic created by another agency, we tore apart their existing creative assets and tested them every which way, ultimately boosting their ad traffic 25x (decreased CPC 96% from $1.18 to $0.05) by testing 18 diverse audience targeting and 141 ads and discovering the most captivating audience-creative combinations. Reached 1.1 million people and yielded 194,242 website clicks for just under $30,000.
  • Radio: Helped a national radio network launch in three new markets. Boosted listenership, event attendance and third-party measured CUME score. $0.88 cost per new listener. Used multivariate ad testing to lower costs by 40%.
  • Non-Profit: Helped a religious organization reach more than 29 million people, garner more than 238,000 clicks ($0.28 cost per click), secure 176,745 fans ($0.38 cost per fan).
  • Non-Profit: Women Create Life, a World Health Organization Project promoting equal rights, health and safety for women worldwide using Facebook ads, Facebook posts and art. Starting in 2007, WHO commissioned Ms. Elisabetta Farina, the first artist to collaborate with WCL, the production of more than 90 paintings portraying women from all around the world. Since then WCL paintings have been shown in more than 40 exhibits in 20 different countries, reaching more than 50,000 people. From April 2012, and through an investment of around $6,000 in advertising, the WCL Facebook page grew from less than 1,000 (April ’12) to over 160,000 fans (December ’12) from 47 countries, the majority of them low-income. The average growth per month was of 26,000 fans. The majority of our followers come from developing countries, with the highest numbers in Pakistan (27.937), Egypt (16.641), Bangladesh (15.982), Nepal (12.570) and Philippines. From a gender distribution point of view the 57.4 % are women and the 42.5% are men, data which have been relatively constant from the opening of the page. 16,000 people on average engaged weekly with the page contents by commenting, “liking” and sharing, contributing to its visibility and triggering virality. The WCL Facebook page routinely reached at least 35% of its total audience through its posts. More than 60% of these were reached organically. Since its inception, more than 43 million people total around the world have been exposed to WCL messages, and almost 2 million new people are reached every month.
  • Typical first month client improvements:
    • Home cleaning products: 3,960% increase in reach, 3,829% increase in post engagements, 2,722% increase in video views
    • Regional retail chain: Improving their existing ads, we cut their cost per engagement 53% from $2.60 to $1.22, leading to 2x the interactions without increasing ad spend. Cut their website traffic costs 61% from $30.00 to $11.65, leading to 2.5x as much traffic without increasing ad spend.

Lead Generation Case Studies

  • Home furnishing client: We lowered their cost per lead by 84% through customer analysis to discover ideal customer profile, plus ad and audience testing. This required testing creative sourced from their merchandising department and our social posting program. The best performing creative turned out to be very different than what the merchandising department liked. What customers liked varied quite a bit regionally, so different creative was required in different regions.
  • Self-help author: 32-cent quiz leads and $3 ebook leads. We tested three different lead magnets and got the best cost-per-confirmed-email from the 5 Myths Ebook.
  • Microsoft partner cloud hosting company: Our first foray into social lead gen proved it was viable with $29 B2B leads from CTO’s and IT sys-admins.
  • Staffing company: We have been able to secure job applicants at 90% lower costs than CareerBuilder. It’s taken a long time to get the targeting and creative right to do it that efficiently, but it’s very dialed in and effective now.
  • Healthcare: Medical Device Company: Decreased their cost per lead by 64%. We were asked to lower the budget because we increased their leads beyond their salespeople’s ability to handle them.
  • Travel and hospitality: 10-cent B2C leads giving away a balcony cabin for the Def Leppard cruise. Yeah, tough one, right? But surprisingly, the best lead performance came not from creative featuring the band but featuring the ship and docking in exotic ports.
  • Marketing services: $1.82 B2B leads through combination of ad testing and a personality quiz. We’ve found that B2B can be boring, which can lower conversion rates, but applying B2C tactics can increase them and lower your lead costs.
  • Musician promotion and mentorship website: We garneded 7x the new users by testing 80+ images and 15 audiences.


  • Home furnishing client: 60% reduction in cost per new customer. Overall 214% ROI; 943% ROI on the video campaigns, 1,155% ROI on post engagement and 274% ROI on member acquisition.
  • Specialty cruise company: $30 cost per booking.
  • Independent pizza chain: 2,200% ROI by testing over 150 ads.
  • Ecommerce Weight Loss Products: Over 700% ROI via hybrid cold/retargeting strategy.