PODCAST: Video Tips, Comedy and “Picking People’s Brains”

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One of my best friends in the marketing world, Jason Miller… A man I’ve been on cruises with (yeah I guess we’re old?) A man I’ve studied VIRAL FACEBOOK MARKETING with (we did a landmark ebook called Contagious Content that guided over 100,000 marketers in how to create Facebook posts that get more shares) A […]

Russell Brunson: Attractive Character & Seinfeld Emails [Video Interview, StoryDNA]

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Kathy Klotz-Guest and I interviewed Russell not only because he’s probably the best online direct marketer I know, not only because ClickFunnels is a killer platform for getting online results, but because in his new book DotComSecrets, he talks about a couple great storytelling concepts, the Attractive Character, and the Seinfeld Daily Emails.

Robert Rose from Content Marketing Institute [Video Interview, StoryDNA] with Kathy Klotz-Guest

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Kathy Klotz-Guest and I interview Robert Rose, the Chief Strategist for the Content Marketing Institute. He has a background in the entertainment biz, then the whole Silicon Valley startup thang… with an emphasis on great storytelling as a competitive advantage. AND… Robert is the author of The Seventh Era of Marketing.  

StoryHOW with Ron Ploof and Kathy-Klotz Guest [Video Interview, StoryDNA]

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Kathy Klotz-Guest and I talk to Ron Ploof about storytelling for business and his StoryHOW Pitch Deck… Ron Ploof is a professional business storyteller who teaches how to transform messages, ideas, and presentations into memorable stories… he worked with Epson America and other companies… and he created this really cool deck- so let’s talk about […]

Steal the Show with Michael Port [Video Interview]

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Called “an uncommonly honest author” by the Boston Globe, a “marketing guru” by The Wall Street Journal, and a “sales guru” by the Financial Times, Michael Port is a NY Times bestselling author of five books including Book Yourself Solid and The Think Big Manifesto. His 6th book, Steal the Show is being released this […]

Storytelling In Business: Video Panel with Tamsen Webster, Felicia Slattery and Kathy Klotz-Guest

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Panel interview with Tamsen Webster, Felicia Slattery and Kathy Klotz-Guest. Some of the questions and topics covered: Why do humans love and need stories? What do we mean by story in business? What’s missing from non-story marketing/advertising? Which elements of story are we talking about? Hero? Character arc? Conflict? Good guys and bad guys? How do […]

Heroes at Work: The Hero’s Journey as a Career Parable for Life Hacking (Video Interview Panel)

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Three smartie-pants (Michael Margolis, Kathy Klotz-Guest and Brian Carter) discuss: How can you get further in your career? Do you have a mentor? Also, if you’re a consultants and coaches, how you can mentors heroes. Why might you not be able to reach people with the magical elixir you’ve discovered during your career adventure? Who should you take your […]