PODCAST: Video Tips, Comedy and “Picking People’s Brains”

Blog-Header-810x400-v26.01-Brian-CarterOne of my best friends in the marketing world, Jason Miller…

  • A man I’ve been on cruises with (yeah I guess we’re old?)
  • A man I’ve studied VIRAL FACEBOOK MARKETING with (we did a landmark ebook called Contagious Content that guided over 100,000 marketers in how to create Facebook posts that get more shares)
  • A man born on the SAME DAY OF THE YEAR AS ME – we are astrological twins!!!
  • A man I’ve watched STEVE VAI play guitar with MY WIFE with…

Jason Miller formerly of Marketo now of LinkedIn interviewed me for his podcast, which rocks as much as he does… We talked about:

  • Should we just do talking heads in live video?
  • Why does Brian have a green screen?
  • Should you let people pick your brain over coffee?
  • Professional quality video tips- start for less than $200!

Check it out.

Humor at Work with Andrew Tarvin [Video Interview]

Andrew Tarvin is a Humor Engineer at Humor That Works. He teaches people how to enjoy their jobs more while doing them better. Andrew has worked with thousands of people from 100+ organizations, including P&G, GE, and Microsoft, on topics ranging from mastering office communication to humor in the workplace.

The Funnest & Shockingest B2B Facebook Marketing Podcast Ever

7Always alotta (I say that’s a word) FUN to be on Kathy’s podcast! Because she’s another business mind who loves to do improv. Therefore, this will both fill your cranium with small explosions of insight AND entertain your limbic system- let’s just say it’ll make your limbic system do “the limbo”.

  1. Why Is Facebook A No-Brainer For B2B Marketing?
  2. Why Do Facebook Ads Beat The Freaking Pants Off Linkedin Ads?
  3. What Are The No Brainer Lead Gen Strategies To Combine With Facebook?
  4. How Do You Use Facebook To Crowd-Source Product And Service Ideas- To Save A Ton Of Money And Heartache?
  5. What The Heck Does More Cowbell Have To Do With Making More Money?

I sure hope this podcast leverages your synergy to paradigmitize your cashflow!

How I Got 9x As Many Email Signups from Hello Bar

If you’ve read my post The Surprising Way I Tripled My Email Signups, you already know that going for the emotions, and using a little bit of humor can help differentiate you and get you more email subscribers.

I’ve been playing with Hello Bar recently, which is another way to make sure you can contact your website visitors again and again, increasing your pageviews and website visits.

Hello Bar is a little horizontal bar at the top of your website that asks people to opt into your email list. It integrates with a ton of emarketing marketing services- in my case, Aweber.

It’s all about the copywriting. I agree with several people who’ve said learning persuasive copywriting is one of the most valuable skills you can develop to increase how much cash you make over your lifetime. That’s in part because the lessons of copywriting apply everywhere in life- not just in writing.

Copywriting skills are relevant anytime you’re trying to persuade people.

So here are three different types of copy I used:

hello bar 9x

By the way, I lost the original text while accidentally editing the old version instead of duplicating a new one first. But believe me, it was boring.

What’s shocking to me is that I wasn’t implementing some of what I knew. Execution and diligence are critical. Do things the right way- don’t skip over it, or if you do, put it on your to do list!

Lessons (re)learned:

Version #1: Don’t be lazy. Be Diligent.

I let that first Hello Bar run way too long without split-testing other copy. As a result, I missed out on more than 400 subscribers. Coulda woulda shoulda.

Version #2: Be funny.

From other sources, I grew my email list, and claiming 10,000 subscribers PLUS the jokey “I will honestly cry”  text came from what I learned in my Pippity email pop-up tests. That almost doubled my conversion rate, but wasn’t enough.

Version #3: Give something valuable away for free.

Don’t assume people care about your email newsletter. I added in the 3 free ebooks (which is also in my pippity pop-up), and more than quintupled my conversion rate, more than 9x the original text. By the way, an editor may tell you that numbers under 10 should be written out, like “three”. However, I find that numbers break up the text and are easier to process cognitively, so I ignore that rule on purpose.

What’s Next?

I’m a little surprised I got such an increase from just giving them ebooks (without any information about them).

I bet that if I added the benefits of those 3 free ebooks I’d get even higher conversion rate.

And that’ll be my next test!

Scroll Through The Planet’s 100+ Most Shared Funny Posts Of The Last Seven Days – NSFW

If you’re easily offended, leave this page immediately. I have absolutely no idea what’s on it, because it’s a feed of the most popular posts of the last seven days from: Comedy Central, Dorkly, FailBlog, FunnyorDie.com, George Takei, someecards, The Oatmeal and The Onion.

And there is definitely some offensive stuff. These social profiles are well known to post extremely immature things only liked by college guys with IQ’s under 110.

But if you’re into that kind of thing, you’ll love this.

This post is not approved by my political campaign. I do not endorse these messages. I offer it up only as an example of the kind of things that extremely irresponsible people enjoy.

If you read it, it’s on you.

I’m serious! Last chance! Get out of here!

The 13 Funniest Space Cats Ever

1. Creepiest Space Cat Ever


2. PB&K

pb and k

3. Meow Money (Co-starring Daman Wayans)meowmoney

4. Geshneezheidt


5. Fancy Beastinigocatoya

6. John Lioncatlennon

7. Culturally Insensitive Catsmeowlomein

8. First World Problems On Cat Beachcatplaints

9. Deep Thoughts With Cat Handeycatdeepthoughts

10. Catkin Kirkcatcainkirk

11. Bohemian Catnapsodybohemiancatsody

12. Skrittenexskrittenex

1. Meow Armstrong, Nap In Peace, AFAWKmeowarmstrong

You’re Meowcome.