Brand Managers and CMO's: Does Your Ad Agency Measure Up?

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digital-marketing-benchmarks-1The idea is to get the best possible results on your ad spend.

The enemy right now is media buyers. They want to control all the ad spend even though they don’t know how to optimize digital ads. They are still stuck in a 1990’s paradigm. If they won’t share details about your results, you shouldn’t trust them. Ask them how they’re optimizing your ads to get the most out of your spend, and see if they measure up to the benchmarks on the right.

On a daily basis, we at The Carter Group are pretty nerdy about doing everything we can to get better results for our clients.

Month to month we always want to show you improvements in your cost per engagement, cost per fan, cost per lead, ROI, revenue, percentage of fans who engage with your posts and so on.

Sometimes we show a client amazing results and they ask, “Is that good?” Fair question. Here are some performance benchmarks. How can you use them?

  • Look at your results and compare. Are your current results good enough?
  • Considering hiring us. What kind of results can you expect from the Carter Group?
  • Have us train your internal staff. What kind of results could they be getting you?

Companies often start with consultants and then hire their own internal staff. We serve both as consultants who do the work and later as trainers to internal staff. If you’ve hired internal staff and they’re not hitting these benchmarks, they may need training. Digital marketing is the Wild West- you don’t get this kind of training in college. Most conferences won’t give you the step-by-step how-to and be available to your rock stars for day-to-day questions and answers. You have to get it from industry leaders like us.

Want to know more? Take this quiz. And yes, you should know the answers to these questions, or someone should be reporting the numbers to you 🙂

5 Best Practices That Drive Profits For Hosting Companies

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ms-digital-marketing-whitepaperIt’s been an interesting and successful 12 months working with Microsoft and its hosting partners!

  • Thanks to the amazing Derrick Wheeler, I was honored to be the social media keynote speaker at Microsoft’s Internal SEO conference last year.
  • Since then I’ve create an ebook (see image on the right- available only within the Microsoft Partner Network) and a video with assessment for the Microsoft Partner Network.
  • And then we embarked on a six company pilot program for our Digital Marketing in a Box launch program. The most successful have been those for whom we created an explainer video or whitepaper. We’ve been able to drive affordable targeted lead with a combination of advertising and content marketing, as well as dramatically increase these companies’ visibility.

intellisuite-whitepaperHosting is one of those categories where leaders like RackSpace do all the best practices like:

  • Creating content (whitepapers, ebooks, videos, blog posts) that solves problems for your customer
  • Advertising through search engines (targeting people looking to buy now) and social advertising opportunities (targeting people by their job title)
  • Growing owned media lists (email, fans, followers et al) and leveraging them to communicate new services and offers
  • Landing page optimization, especially split-tests to decrease their cost per lead and cost per sale
  • Integrating CRM into their marketing and sales process, especially to granularly track the success of marketing campaigns

When you have most or all of those in place, it’s feasible for us to create 50% – 400% improvements in your cost per lead or sale. Contact us about doing that for your company.

But many hosting companies are missing one or more of the above best practices. The task there is to audit what they have and find the gaps, custom-prioritize strategies and then execute a launch of best practice strategies. Then we can go back and increase efficiency and profitability.

If you’re interested in taking your marketing and sales results to the next level, contact us!