The Top 10 Facebook Ad Mistakes in 2017

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It sucks when your ads don’t get results. It feels horrible. It can be accompanied by panic about how much money you spent to find out it didn’t work. You may not know why it didn’t work. You may not have set things up so that you learned anything from what didn’t work. You may not know […]

What Pokémon GO Means For Your Company’s Marketing

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(Putting aside using Pokémon GO to market a local retail business, if that attracts your target market…) Some people say that if your product is good enough, you don’t need to advertise. You’ve never seen a Pokemon Go advertisement, right? Pokémon GO is a huge phenomenon and making them a ton of money, right? So, you […]

How Facebook Cut This Company’s Cost Per Lead by 84%

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This is the first case study interview in the relaunch of my podcast. And yes, a lot of my podcasts start as videos. 🙂 Real companies, real campaigns, real results. One of the biggest problems we struggle with these days is an overwhelm – too much information, too many ideas, too many platforms, too many strategies. What […]

The 5 Facebook Ads Every Company Should Run

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Facebook is the king of social media. It has the most users and the best advertising platform. You absolutely have to be marketing on Facebook. Everyone does. Period. And because of the organic reach problem you have to be advertising on Facebook if you want to market on Facebook. But Facebook advertising is a blessing, […]

This Is Why Your Facebook Ad Spend Is Being Wasted

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Are you running Facebook ads and sending traffic to your website or e-commerce store or squeeze pages but not getting leads or sales or newsletter signups? If your Facebook ads aren’t getting leads or sales, the real problem may be very, very simple. It’s tempting to think: “Facebook ads don’t work!” “People don’t like what I’m offering!” […]