Some of our better known clients include Microsoft, NBC, The U.S. Army, Universal Studios, The World Health Organization, Chloraseptic, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. BCG has worked with small business, medium sized companies and Fortune 500 companies, both B2B and B2C and in almost every industry. We specialize in working with companies like the following:

  • BUDGET: You have a digital marketing budget of over $10k per month, including advertising and agency fees. Some of our clients spend $50,000 a month, all the way up to $1 million per month. We run ads on many networks for clients, and if you want to do multiple channels, you will need a certain amount of spend to perform well in each one. Typically companies that fit our criteria earn annual revenues over $5-10 million, unless you spend the SBA-recommended 8-10% of revenue on your marketing, in which case you may earn $1-2 million annually.
  • SUCCESS: You are already successful with at least one marketing channel (even if it’s an offline) and profitable with at least one product or service. This demonstrates that customers are already loving and buying what you offer, and it gives you the profits to expand. If you want to add a new digital marketing channel or grow or increase the profits of existing Google, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram marketing, that’s our specialty!
  • PARTNERSHIP: You trust us to know our expertise and you empower the experts and agencies you work with. We trust you to know your business and empower you to help us row the boat together toward the shore we’re aiming for. We collaborate respectfully, and we only partner with corporate cultures that do likewise. We believe that empowered, respectful cultures create more sustainable businesses- plus they’re just healthier and a lot more fun to work in!
  • TECHNOLOGY: We do both B2c and B2B. If you want lead gen for your salespeople, you have a digital-ad-compatible CRM in place. If you don’t yet, we can provide guidance on set-up. Just know that it may take a bit longer to get your company to the “high-quality leads” milestone. We enjoy guiding companies through technology and tracking issues, and we have to, because they’re rampant these days!

OUR FOCUS ON YOU & KEEPING YOUR SECRETS: Instead of limiting our experience to one industry, we can apply an exceptionally broad amount of experience and expertise to your company and industry with the goal of making you #1 in your category. In our experience, agencies who focus on just one industry usually have other clients who are your competitors… and when they discover something that works great for you, they share that secret with your competition, effectively wiping out one of your competitive advantages! We prefer your company be the only one we handle in your category so that we have the best shot at getting you to the top of your category.

WHAT WE DO: Our approach includes audience research, market research, customer psychology, custom original creative, ad optimization, content creation, customer segmentation and message personalization all to maximize your exposure, views, visits, leads, sales and profits.

The Carter Group also occasionally white-labels for agencies without our expertise and experience.

Select Clients

  • Health: The Perfect Workout, Weight Loss,, MD Revolution, ThermoFisher Scientific, Humana, The World Health Organization, Dramamine, Beano, Pediacare, Chloraseptic
  • Technology: Microsoft, Marketo, Salesforce, Citrix
  • Food & Bev: Carl’s Jr & Hardee’s, Leprino Foods, Tuscany, Franck’s
  • Business Services: PrideStaff, PrideStaff Financial, RxRelief and Insurance Relief
  • Entertainment: NBC-Universal, NBC5DFW, On The Blue, The Moody Blues Cruise, Cruise to the Edge, The Monsters of Rock Cruise, K-LOVE, Edge Waterparks
  • Finance/Insurance: JP Morgan, Union Bank, Humana
  • Consumer Goods: Keystone Automotive, Tub-O-Towels, Mead, Day-Timer, AT-A-GLANCE, DirectBuy, Atlantic Bedding & Furniture, Big Sandy Superstore
  • Government: The U.S. Army
  • Transportation: Airport Revenue News

Case Studies in Awareness, Engagement, Lead Gen, Ecommerce and Retail Sales

Awareness and Engagement Case Studies

  • National Fast Food Chain: 3x fan growth rate
  • National OTC brand: 17x engagement and 3x reach
  • Home Goods Shopping Club: 1 cent per video view, 4 cents per 10-second video view and 11 cents per 30-second video view
  • Insurance Company: Boosted ad traffic 25x, decreased CPC 96%
  • Radio: Boosted listenership, event attendance and third-party measured CUME score. Lowered marketing costs by 40%
  • Sample improvements seen in 1st month:
    • Home Cleaning Products: 3,960% increase in reach, 3,829% increase in post engagements, 2,722% increase in video views
    • Regional Retail Chain: Cut cost per engagement 53%. Doubled social interactions. Increased traffic 2.5x

Lead Generation Case Studies

  • Home furnishing client: Lowered their cost per lead by 84%
  • Self-help author: 32-cent quiz leads and $3 ebook leads
  • Microsoft partner cloud hosting company: $29 B2B leads
  • Staffing company: Job applicants at 90% lower costs than CareerBuilder
  • Healthcare: Decreased cost per lead by 64%
  • Travel and hospitality: 10-cent B2C leads
  • Marketing services: $1.82 B2B leads through combination of ad testing and a personality quiz. 16x increase in leads
  • Musician promotion and mentorship website: 7x new users

Ecommerce Case Studies

  • Home furnishing client: 60% reduction in cost per new customer. 943% ROI on the video campaigns. 1,155% ROI on post engagement. 274% ROI on member acquisition
  • Specialty cruise company: $30 cost per booking
  • Independent pizza chain: 2,200% ROI
  • Ecommerce Weight Loss Products: Over 700% ROI
  • Various Hotels and Resorts: 300% – 3,300% ROI